Denis Kilcommons: Sleeper car coming to a road near you soon

Driverless cars are the future says Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin

Denis Kilcommons: Snow joke

The weather gave me a bad back again on Wednesday through intemperate use of a snow shovel and a brush.

Denis Kilcommons: Is there anybody out there?

Wouldn't it have been amazing if the lights at Castle Hill was one of those alien spaceships that occasionally pick up humans

Denis Kilcommons: Sound of music

I noticed a small child this week sat in a trolley, arms wide, belting out Let It Go, from the Disney film Frozen.

Denis Kilcommons: It's Penguin Awareness Day

With the Arctic weather we have been having, penguins seem appropriate at this time of year.

Don't let credit card debts get you down

Denis Kilcommons: Do a brisk walk to dodge the grim reaper

New study shows lack of exercise a major killer

Denis Kilcommons: Where to they get the energy from?

The Energizer bunny has nothing on our grand-daughter Jeannie

Denis Kilcommons: Warriors defending old and obscure words

Let's hear it for flapdoodle and opsimaths

Denis Kilcommons: Cast a giant shadow

I'm 20 ft tall in the right light

Denis Kilcommons: Suits me sir!

I almost bought a suit the other day for all the wrong reasons.

Denis Kilcommons: Tips and tricks to avoid pesky man flu

Everybody has their own way of dealing with a cold.

Denis Kilcommons: Can you pass the onelegged brain test?

I have trouble with wet feet and underpants

Denis Kilcommons: New planet? New opportunity to muck it up

Two of the most Earth-like planets found

Denis Kilcommons: A walk through Beaumont Park

This most romantic and emotionally compelling of parks could have been a backdrop for Middle Earth.

Denis Kilcommons: For my love of tomatoes

Lunch for me can be sliced tomato, over which has been drizzled oil and vinegar, and a chunk of bread.

Denis Kilcommons: Hello folks look at me

Have you noticed that once past a certain age you are not stopped by street canvassers handing out leaflets for night spots or fashionable bars?

Denis Kilcommons: A bizarre way to earn £40,000

An ambitious new year resolution may be to get a new job.

Denis Kilcommons: Sit down at your peril

Experts say that sitting down can shorten your life

Denis Kilcommons: Drone Alone

It won’t be long before ladies who like to sunbathe in the back garden have to watch out for nosy neighbours with low flying drones


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