Denis Kilcommons: Gentlemen of another age in a long gone hamlet

An appeal for information about an old pub has produced details of a lost hamlet

Denis Kilcommons: Here comes the summer!

Children can't wait to get out of school and into playing on their computers

Denis Kilcommons: Astonishing number of pubs defunct in just one village

But why was The Cricketers known as The Blazing Rag?

Denis Kilcommons: I'm not one to let the grass grow under my feet

An artificial lawn was the perfect distraction

Denis Kilcommons: Every family has a story to tell

Tales of pirates and a missing fortune

Denis Kilcommons: Everybody has plans if they win the Lottery

We all have a plan in our heads of how to spend the millions

Denis Kilcommons: More memories of old pubs

Does anyone remember the Wheatsheaf pub in Honley?

Denis Kilcommons: Charlottes - fit for a princess

Princess Charlotte, the new royal baby, caused an international furore when a zoo in Japan named a baby monkey after her

Denis Kilcommons: International Nurses Day

It is appropriately held on Florence Nightingale's birthday

Denis Kilcommons: Microbiologist lays bare the bugs in a beard

Even more reason for Mrs Kilcommons not to pucker up

Denis Kilcommons: Don't stand so close to me!

Marking out your personal space is normal behaviour says anthropologist

Denis Kilcommons: Judging a scarecrow competition is enough to knock the stuffing out of you

Sixty eight entries, all of a high standard, did not make the task easy

Denis Kilcommons: Birthday to beat all others

I celebrated my fourth birthday on my uncle Austin's shoulders as the country rejoiced on VE day

Denis Kilcommons: Trio of favourite mugs and rules set in stone

A survey for Heinz Cup Soups says almost 60% of us have an emotional attachment to our favourite mug.

Denis Kilcommons: Reputation and history surrounding town's The Dog Inn

The Dog Inn at the bottom end of town was a less than salubrious hostelry that was known for drunkenness and ladies of ill repute.

Denis Kilcommons: Saved from a cougar by my spam file

Beware emails from African orphans and preying women

Denis Kilcommons: A tale of evolution

According to scientists, my bad back is because I am shaped like a chimpanzee.

Denis Kilcommons: Feelings of inadequacy

The BBC should be ashamed of itself for screening such blatantly sexual images of Ross Poldark stripped to the waist in peak viewing time!


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