Denis Kilcommons: Monkeying about

The Monkees have been in my head for the last two days because of the catchiness of Daydream Believer

100-year-old Lilian gets a telegram from the Queen ... and a visit from our Denis

She has been corresponding with him since she was only 75

Denis Kilcommons: The cost of helping out your children... and parents

Sympathy for man in his 80s whose sons would not lend him money

Denis Kilcommons: Journalism job got me on the write track

Never a dull moment in front of a keyboard

Denis Kilcommons: New outlook in living room

Instead of going on an expensive holiday abroad this year, why not invest in a mural and cover one wall of your living room

Denis Kilcommons: I blame Les Dawson

I blame Les Dawson. I had been laughing too much at the comedian on that Gold television series The Interviews

Denis Kilcommons: The art of selfies

Ellen DeGeneres gave the selfie the seal of approval when she arranged that famous picture of a group of A-list celebrities at the 2014 Oscars.

Denis Kilcommons: Phew, what a scorcher!

The British are so used to unpredictable weather that it is the opening gambit in any conversation with a stranger. "Turned out nice again,"

Denis Kilcommons: Cars versus kisses

According to a survey a first car stays in the memory more than a first kiss

Denis Kilcommons: Any alien life out there just like us?

Cambridge University professor thinks we might not be alone

Denis Kilcommons: Nothing wrong with a bit of sunworshipping

Britons have a national obsession with the weather

Denis Kilcommons: History of Allied pub in Honley dates back to 1860s

Denis Kilcommons: How George dodgson started the Allied pub in honley

Denis Kilcommons: Self service machines are taking over our lives

Denis Kilcommons: Why I dislike super market self service till

Denis Kilcommons: To lie or not to lie? That is the question

Psychologists say it can be socially useful to lie. But while a fib may be OK, telling a whopper can land you in jail

Denis Kilcommons: Old documents at The Allied

Business documents dating from the 1860s have been unearthed among rubble in the loft of The Allied pub in Church Street, Honley.

Denis Kilcommons: The earth moved every time

Every time my wife Maria and I got into bed the earth moved. I put it down to gymnastics and one too many jumps on the mattress.

Denis Kilcommons: Winds of change don't blow all that strong

Gender stereotypes persist despite women's advances in society


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