Denis Kilcommons: First steps

The back pain remains, although not as fiercely incapacitating, but I am a brave little soldier and completed a walk without complaint.

Denis Kilcommons: I need spectacles for reading and wear them on a cord around my neck

I need spectacles for reading and wear them on a cord around my neck. This has both goodand bad points.

Denis Kilcommons: The last thing death should be is embarrassing

The last thing death should be is embarrassing

Denis Kilcommons: Youth of today have a lot to learn about job titles

A dredger does not mean dispensing justice like Judge Dredd

Denis Kilcommons: All my own work?

Internet access blurs the lines between cheating and playing fair

Denis Kilcommons: Nigella brightening kitchens

I am not a great fan of dining out. Mastication is best done in the privacy of your own home.

Denis Kilcommons: Long live the NHS

After three weeks of back pain I eventually went to the doctor

Denis Kilcommons: No child's play working with kids

Top Tory caught out by six-year-old while on the campaign trail

Denis Kilcommons: Plague of anything isn't nice

But locusts are worse than ladybirds

Denis Kilcommons: Laying the foundations of lasting friendships at Builders

Old faces who attended the legendary Builders Club almost 50 years ago will be out in force at The Vox Bar in Wood Street, Huddersfield, on Sunday

Denis Kilcommons: Age is but number

My back went 18 days ago and, while it is slowly improving, it continues to give considerable discomfort.

Denis Kilcommons: Head transplants could happen soon

Denis Kilcommons: Italian scientist predicts the first head transplant could occur within two years.

Denis Kilcommons: New Royal Mail set of stamps called Comedy Legends

Denis Kilcommons: Stamps feature Two Ronnies, Norman Wisdom, Billy Connolly, Morecambe and Wise, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore and Monty Python

Denis Kilcommons: Why Upperthong Welly Wanging should become an Olympic sport

Welly Wanging Federation of Upperthong want to be included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympis

Denis Kilcommons: French are taking to the concept of doggy bags

French provide doggy bags to combat public and government concerns about wasting food

Denis Kilcommons: How Pennine Way came into being

Denis Kilcommons: Pennine Way will celebrate its 50th anniversary next month

Denis Kilcommons: Importance of mobile phones

One in 14 said they had gone more than a week without having a face-to-face conversation with the person they lived with


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