Denis Kilcommons

Denis Kilcommons: crime certainly paid for Agatha

Perhaps part of the enduring success of Dame Agatha are the many film adaptations of her books and the TV series of Poirot, superbly played by David Suchet, and Miss Marple, both made with loving period care

Denis Kilcommons

Denis Kilcommons: getting lost - and asking for directions, or not

In 2012 in Oregon a couple in their 80s left for a 10 minute drive to the house of a family member, took a wrong turn and ended up stranded 400 miles away when they ran out of petrol

Denis Kilcommons: Facebook challenege could give me bad dreams

I set myself a challenge to post a new photograph on my Facebook page every day for a year

Denis Kilcommons: Fearing a cough could turn to cancer

I got a cough at the tail end of spring that was vicious enough to leave me gasping for breath

Pizza was a treat too

Denis Kilcommons: Weird phones messages and curry pizza

I sampled an Asian pizza that had come from a local curry take away.\n The very concept put me in Peter Kay mode: Asian? Pizza?

Ant and Dec entertain the crowds

Denis Kilcommons: Commercial pressure could shorten the year to six months of spending

Christmas, New Year, January Sales, Easter, Summer Holidays, Halloween and Bonfire Night, all evenly spaced through six months

Denis Kilcommons: We don't need flag waving patriotism like the USA

Most Brits are proud of their nation and heritage in a very understated, stiff upper lip way

Denis Kilcommons

Denis Kilcommons: Ask a silly question....

Freedom of Information, nudity and the danger of sheep - Denis has his say on them all!

Huddersfield Railway Station and the Empire State Building

Denis Kilcommons: It's America's fault

America has been blamed this week for the deterioration of the English

Denis Kilcommons: Bacon Day

Tomorrow is Bacon Day and I am already salivating.

Denis Kilcommons: Ice bucket challenge

I have committed myself to posting at least one photograph on Facebook every day.

Denis Kilcommons: Memories of the 1950s and 1960s

Reader's nostalgic memories about food in the 1950s

Denis Kilcommons: why is everyone dunking themselves in the ice bucket challenge?

Posh and Becks, former President George Bush, Lady Gaga and celebrities all doing ice bucket challenge

Denis Kilcommons: Blackpool still a firm favourite for a day out

It might be tacky but it's traditional fun

Denis Kilcommons: White rose wrangle

The three Ridings of Yorkshire have their own traditions in flying the white rose flag of the county

Denis Kilcommons: Scientists have mulled over reasons why we laugh

But what sort of jokes do people find funny?

Denis Kilcommons: Best joke award

Comedian Tim Vine won the award for the funniest one-liner at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Denis Kilcommons: Kind message from across the pond

Starting a new school can be scary

Denis Kilcommons: Speed limits

The traffic was free flowing at 50, without jams or delays, so why risk speeding?

Denis Kilcommons: Cost cutting price wars

A 99p store dropped its prices to 95p and a Poundland nearby undercut them by selling items at 93p


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