Denis Kilcommons: Back pain will teach me not to brag again

I bragged quite a bit about a recent DIY feat when I used a jig-saw to cut a hole in a kitchen drawer

Denis Kilcommons prints out his own bank notes

I wrote about children’s play money being accepted in a fast food shop in Northern Ireland

Denis Kilcommons: Mills which survived fires and tragedy

Gosport Mills atOutlane was the business of the Sykes family for 70 years and survived fires and tragedy.

Denis Kilcommons: What I found out when I looked up Belgium

Belgium is only supposed to be famous for three things: Hercule Poirot, the Smurfs and I’ve forgotten the third

Castle Hill by John Longson

Denis Kilcommons: Frustration at litter louts eclipsed by tale of drunken Edgar

Information board reveals danger of consuming too many 'three penny specials''

Denis Kilcommons: Need an army of Zombies slaying?

My chum Alan was giving me advice on how to get into a drawer in a kitchen cabinet which has been jammed by a pair of tongs inside

Denis Kilcommons: Appealing to the better nature of our litter louts does not work

Rubbish dumping offenders would take notice of Singapore's anti-litter laws

Denis Kilcommons: Funny money

A fast-food restaurant in Northern Ireland, accepted a toy 100 euro note from the Early Learning Centre for a sandwich - and given change

Denis Kilcommons: Huddersfield's Builder's Club

People of a certain age have memories of The Builders Club the place engraved on their souls

Denis Kilcommons: TV presenters in a league of their own

I'm a bit of an afficionado of BBC children’s television for the under fives

You're having a laugh

Denis Kilcommons: Start week by smiling

It's official. We don’t like Mondays

Denis Kilcommons: Bygone pubs around Folly Hall and Chapel Hill

Grey Horse, The Commercial, Odd Fellows, Poets Corner, Black Bull

Denis Kilcommons: An age with plenty of pubs in Folly Hall

Billy Kendall started the great pub debate. Had there been a pub between The Commercial on Chapel Hill and The Royal Oak at Folly Hall?

Denis Kilcommons: What next? Liquorice or black pudding?

Our American friend Kim is over for a couple of weeks, but where do you take an American once York and London have been ticked?

Chips, glorious, chips!

Denis Kilcommons: No competition to the original deep-fried chip

Healthier alternatives just don't cut the mustard

Denis Kilcommons: Lure of Facebook hard to defeat

Many “friends” have surprisingly become friends

Memory stick being plugged into laptop computer

Denis Kilcommons: Age of more photos than ever but fewer good ones

Today's digital age makes taking photographs easy.


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