Denis Kilcommons: More cracking tales about triple and double yolk eggs

Eric Dunn was surprised to get a three-yolk egg in a bargain pack of 10 for £1 at Aldi

Denis Kilcommons: A cuppa that celebrated the local Co-op

A teapot that was probably used for a brew to soothe nerves when war was declared in 1939, and to mark its end in 1945

Denis Kilcommons: Taking photos is just so easy these days

Today we live in a digital age where taking photographs is not just easy, but a matter of course, on mobile phone, iPad or camera.

Denis Kilcommons: Method in landlord's mucky fat madness

Generous supplies of bread and dripping not just an act of kindness

Denis Kilcommons: Wanderlust is one thing - a single ticket to Mars another

200,000 people applied for a one-way ticket to the red planet

Denis Kilcommons: More memories of the Co-op rekindled

Netherthong Co-op used in First of the Summer Wine

Denis Kilcommons: Patience a virtue tested by pricey service contracts

Wonky cooker knob still not repaired since November

Denis Kilcommons: Nice work if you can get it

Author tops the list of best job in Britain

Denis Kilcommons: Watchout for the Cocksure Lads

Local singer Adam McNab to star in film about a parody band.

Chips were always a favourite - especially 'soggy chips', according to our readers

Denis Kilcommons: Chips, the great leveller

National Chip Week this week

Denis Kilcommons: An eccentric presenter

Comedian Dave Allen did indeed visit Meltham in the 1970s: to interview Herbert Thorpe, the Prophet of Meltham, for a TV series about eccentrics.

Denis Kilcommons: Valentine's Day quibble

I never saw the point of sending anonymous Valentine cards to young ladies when I was a teenager. You wanted them to know who it was from.

Denis Kilcommons: Web scam using names of Colin and Chris Weir, couple who won £161m on the Euromillions

Denis Kilcommons: For years, I've had emails and emails wanting to transfer millions of pounds from West African banks into my account

Valentine's Day card

Denis Kilcommons: The art of handwriting love letters

Only 48% of Brits have written a love letter, which is a fact to bear in mind as Valentine's Day approaches

Denis Kilcommons: Gimmicks have been used to woo cinema audiences for more than a century

Britain's first 4D cinema features wind, fog, lightning, bubbles, water, rain and scents

Denis Kilcommons: Leave me plenty of elbow room

Denis Kilcommons has tennis elbow but has never played the game in his life

Denis Kilcommons: My 4p bill is a debt I don’t have

Life is too short to make phone calls to the customer services of any national organisation

Denis Kilcommons: Remember sweet cigarettes?

By next year, cigarettes will probably come in plain packets if a House of Commons vote is successful.


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