Denis Kilcommons: Huddersfield – such a great place to live

I had to laugh when I saw the results of a survey that ranked Huddersfield as one of the worst places to live in Britain.

Denis Kilcommons: Let’s not get shirty

A friend said: "You should not be allowed to wear a band T-shirt unless you have at least three albums by them."

Denis Kilcommons: The colouring book craze for adults

Great way to relax and ease stress

Denis Kilcommons: Loud music can be used as an irritant and a weapon

Denis Kilcommons: Boris Johnson has been considering buying soundweapons for Scotland Yard to use in riots

Denis Kilcommons: Amazing story of Huddersfield thespian Shakespeare Hirst and a family obssessed with the Bard

Fascinating history of the Shakespeare pub and the Hirst family in Huddersfield

Denis Kilcommons: Obesity a weighty matter for airlines

Uzbekistan Airways to to weigh passengers before they fly

Denis Kilcommons: Sea faring exploits

Huddersfield's sea faring tradition has taken me into deep waters.

Smart phone, mobile phone

Denis Kilcommons: Hands-free mobile phones aren't as good as the old red phone box

Red phone boxes just needed four pennies in the slot

Denis Kilcommons: Brits losing their taste for tea

American invasion of coffee houses may influencing the nation's preference in beverages

Denis Kilcommons: Selling the family nest and downsizing

Sell what had been the family nest, buy a smaller house and bank the difference.

Denis Kilcommons: NHS Bowel Cancer Screening programme is an undignified test for the over 60s

Denis Kilcommons: Bowel Cancer test involves producing your own samples into a box

Your Tour de France selfies

Denis Kilcommons: No escape from the selfie

Craze looks like it's here to stay

Denis Kilcommons: Monkeying about

The Monkees have been in my head for the last two days because of the catchiness of Daydream Believer

100-year-old Lilian gets a telegram from the Queen ... and a visit from our Denis

She has been corresponding with him since she was only 75

Denis Kilcommons: The cost of helping out your children... and parents

Sympathy for man in his 80s whose sons would not lend him money

Denis Kilcommons: Journalism job got me on the write track

Never a dull moment in front of a keyboard

Denis Kilcommons: New outlook in living room

Instead of going on an expensive holiday abroad this year, why not invest in a mural and cover one wall of your living room


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