Denis Kilcommons: Nothing wrong with a bit of sunworshipping

Britons have a national obsession with the weather

Denis Kilcommons: History of Allied pub in Honley dates back to 1860s

Denis Kilcommons: How George dodgson started the Allied pub in honley

Denis Kilcommons: Self service machines are taking over our lives

Denis Kilcommons: Why I dislike super market self service till

Denis Kilcommons: To lie or not to lie? That is the question

Psychologists say it can be socially useful to lie. But while a fib may be OK, telling a whopper can land you in jail

Denis Kilcommons: Old documents at The Allied

Business documents dating from the 1860s have been unearthed among rubble in the loft of The Allied pub in Church Street, Honley.

Denis Kilcommons: The earth moved every time

Every time my wife Maria and I got into bed the earth moved. I put it down to gymnastics and one too many jumps on the mattress.

Denis Kilcommons: Winds of change don't blow all that strong

Gender stereotypes persist despite women's advances in society

Denis Kilcommons: My nutritional diet may soon have had its chips

Two years ago I changed the way I ate after a stern warning from Jill, a nurse and health care assistant at my local medical surgery

Denis Kilcommons: Living underground in the Cold War

Fylingdales, the front line in Cold War

Denis Kilcommons: More memories of bygone places

Does anyone have information about other lost hamlets or long gone pubs in other parts of the Huddersfield area?

Denis Kilcommons: Laughter is a health tonic

Genes make you laugh, say scientists.

Denis Kilcommons: Move over buddy. I’m coming through ...

My assertion that women were better drivers than men the other day caused a debate at the bar.

Denis Kilcommons: M62 chaos

It wasn't other drivers who sent me mad on the way to Liverpool Airport. It was the M62 and its endless traffic jam

Denis Kilcommons: Long gone pubs ...\nbut not forgotton

A century ago, a pub was not just an ale house but a centre for social life.

Denis Kilcommons: Born To Be Wild

Whisper this quietly, but women are better drivers than men

Denis Kilcommons: Gentlemen of another age in a long gone hamlet

An appeal for information about an old pub has produced details of a lost hamlet

Denis Kilcommons: Here comes the summer!

Children can't wait to get out of school and into playing on their computers

Denis Kilcommons: Astonishing number of pubs defunct in just one village

But why was The Cricketers known as The Blazing Rag?

Denis Kilcommons: I'm not one to let the grass grow under my feet

An artificial lawn was the perfect distraction


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