Denis Kilcommons

Denis Kilcommons: National Apple Day

Go on, have a nibble

Denis Kilcommons: Sad state of Huddersfield's George Inn

The old George Inn was eventually converted to offices but has not been used for years

Denis Kilcommons: Comfort food

Pobs was a comfort food: bread broken into pieces and covered in hot milk with sugar sprinkled on top

Denis Kilcommons: Renew your vows every five years suggests actress Susan Sarandon

Advice from the 68-year-old who survived a 12-year marriage and a 23-year relationship with actor Tim Robbins

Denis Kilcommons: The origins of pobs - bread, soaked in hot milk with sugar

Everybody in the North of England must have had pobs at some time or anothe

Denis Kilcommons: Why Anti Salvery Day is important to Steve McQueen

Considering Britain abolished slavery in 1807, you wouldn't think there would be need for an Anti Slavery Day

Denis Kilcommons: Troubled times for pro Democracy students in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a region of seven million people that is, at the moment, in political turmoil

Denis Kilcommons: Don’t issue me a fine ... send out a search party!

The whole area of private companies issuing parking fines is a minefield.

Denis Kilcommons: Prime time TV

These days, prime time has X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing continuing on their moribund ways each weekend.

Actor George Clooney sporting a beard

Denis Kilcommons: Beard trend trims millions from sale of shaving products

I made my beard permanent when my youthful jawline began to look a bit flacid

Money Cash

Denis Kilcommons: Over one million words in the English language

The average person has an active vocabulary of 3,000 words

Denis Kilcommons: Why the NHS is still the best health system in the world

The NHS is the envy of the world and yet it seems it is permanently under threat

Denis Kilcommons: Operations

Everybody's nerves are on edge before an operation

Denis Kilcommons: Fun friends

If I had been born in the 17th century, I wouldn't have had any fun friends.

You're having a laugh

Denis Kilcommons: Trend I'm happy to buck

Brits have a fear of laughter says international study

The fence at the Ringway retail park in Huddersfield which caused something of a challenge

Denis Kilcommons: Brought down low by a fence

Dilemma posed by overcoming an obstacle in a retail park

Denis Kilcommons: What's in a name

Surprising how many names spelt wrong on official documents


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