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100 year old Lilian Hallam meets her hero Denis Kilcommons

Obituary: Lilian Hallam, who wrote letters to the Examiner for 25 years

She made it to 100 after living a full life

Denis Kilcommons: Are you accident prone?

It may be a good idea to stay in bed today

Denis Kilcommons: My broadband is now up to 200 megabites per second

Denis Kilcommons: But I still don't download films or music

Denis Kilcommons: Staying alive!

Dodge your coffin a bit longer by eating the correct diet

Denis Kilcommons: United we stand, divided we fall

Islamic State's attack on Paris aimed at cultivating hatred

Denis Kilcommons: Why do British need to give weather names like Storm Abigail?

American habit of naming weather creeping into British meteorology

Denis Kilcommons: I'm happy lounging around in fleecy pants

These onesies are definitely not for me

Denis Kilcommons: Memories of the Kinks, Small Faces and the Stones on Carnaby Street

John Lennon's guitar sold for £1.6m. How much for my 60s typewriter?

Denis Kilcommons: Graham Norton and Paul O'Grady don't compare to chat show great Michael Parkinson

Michael Parkinson interviewed Peter Ustinov, Bing Crosby, Muhammed Ali, Bob Hope and, John Lennon but missed out on Frank Sinatra

Denis Kilcommons: I'm still searching for my doppleganger

Sadly George Clooney does not appear to be mine

Father Christmas

Denis Kilcommons: Christmas shopping leaves me cold

52 shopping days to Christmas and I'm fed up of it already

Denis Kilcommons: Britain is becoming obsessed with US style Halloween celebrations

Denis Kilcommons: British children should go back to the old English Samhain harvest festival

Denis Kilcommons: The obsession with the selfie

Happy snappers: All ego and no sense

Denis Kilcommons: Community spirit ignited by a bonfire

Seasonal social event now left behind

Denis Kilcommons column: Are you an angry tattoo wearer?

Or are you just following the stars

Denis Kilcommons: From comics to iPads - how car journeys have changed

Time was, if you went on a trip to the seaside with the family, small children were given an I Spy book or a comic for the journey. These days, they have iPads

Denis Kilcommons: I'm happy to pay 5p for a plastic bag at the shop

But when will we get legislation to prevent people shoving plastic bags through our doors for every charity under the sun?

Denis Kilcommons: The pigeon trained by a Paddock man that saved the four man crew of a downed aircraft.

After the squirrel that bombed Berlin, the staff at Huddersfield Local History Library have come up with an even better animals-at-war story.


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