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Robert Sutcliffe: Fox hunting debate shows once again how powerful an issue it is

Scottish National Party shoots down David Cameron's fox

Robert Sutcliffe: Sunday trading reform overdue

Social change occurs in a curious way in Britain

One third of all UK children aged between two and 15 are overweight

Robert Sutcliffe: Twenty-three-year-old Poppy Smart goes to police after becoming fed up of being wolf whistled

But Poldark actor Aidan Turner has been turned into sexual object too following his bare-chested appearance in Poldark

Robert Sutcliffe: Ladies unmoved by chess scene in Huddersfield

Sexism row as grandmaster Nigel Short says men are "hard-wired" to be more interested in the game

Robert Sutcliffe: Why this General Election is gearing up to be dullest ever

Too many parties fighting for our attention and not enough "clear blue water" to divide Conservatives and Labour

Robert Sutcliffe: The hidden dangers of utopia...as revealed by Dylan Evans

Genius sells lovely Cotswolds house and gives up job in academia for disastrous experiment living in commune

Robert Sutcliffe: Party leaders feel the heat in kitchen sink drama

Ed and Dave both come unstuck in the heart of their homes

Robert Sutcliffe: Turbulent times at BBC revealed by historian

Pinkoes and Traitors: The BBC and the nation 1974-1987 - official history of the corporation

Robert Sutcliffe: Bishops tub-thumping before election

They publish 52-page letter encouraging people to vote

Robert Sutcliffe: Eating alone feature the scariest of them all

Dutch restaurant Eenmaal seeks to break taboo of dining alone by introducing eatery for solo diners

Robert Sutcliffe: Why Valentine's Day is not for me

Hard to imagine having relationships again...

Robert Sutcliffe: Let Prince Charles have his say when he becomes King!

Bizarre system whereby public are not allowed to know what Royals think

Robert Sutcliffe: Are teetotal Muslims really to blame for pub closures?

Lib Dem minister says says waves of immigration have replaced the "white working class" with deleterious impact on pub trade

Robert Sutcliffe: Je suis page 3!

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Obituaries proved premature this week

Robert Sutcliffe: Be careful, the Language Police are watching you!

New study shows sexist descriptions of women are dying out


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