Robert Sutcliffe: Are teetotal Muslims really to blame for pub closures?

Lib Dem minister says says waves of immigration have replaced the "white working class" with deleterious impact on pub trade

Robert Sutcliffe: Je suis page 3!

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Obituaries proved premature this week

Robert Sutcliffe: Be careful, the Language Police are watching you!

New study shows sexist descriptions of women are dying out

Jimi Hendrix painting back in place at King's Head in St. George's Square

Robert Sutcliffe: Huddersfield's town centre topography will never be the same again next year

George Hotel set to reopen, leisure centre will open in summer and old one set to be demolished...

Robert Sutcliffe: The joys of Christmas

Few people find Christmas an unmitigated triumph and plenty find it an unmitigated disaster

Lady Kagan with Robert Sutcliffe

Robert Sutcliffe: A question of class

Class is a burning question at the minute in newspapers and on TV

Robert Sutcliffe in The Croppers Arms

Robert Sutcliffe: let's (not) talk about sex

Controlling the sexual behaviour of teenagers has always been a conundrum

Robert Sutcliffe: I bristle at shaving in public

Contemporary questions received by etiquette bible, Debrett’s, no longer limited to how to address an earl

Ched Evans

Robert Sutcliffe: the Ched Evans debate delivers no easy answers

The Wales international was found guilty by a jury at Caernarvon Crown Court in 2012 of raping a 19-year-old woman in a hotel the previous year

Robert Sutcliffe: Wearing their hearts on their book sleeves

Graham Norton, John Cleese, Stephen Fry and Paul Merton all have autobiographies out

Robert Sutcliffe: Women too fixated on tales of heroes who fulfill women's every needs says actress

Such great expectations of a mate are ridiculous suggests Rosamund Pike

Robert Sutcliffe: Hell hath no fury like a man scorned

Apart from families I can think of no other social unit that fizzes with simmering tension more than a sports team

The Riot Club movie still

Robert Sutcliffe: You'd have liked to be in the Bullingdon Club wouldn't you?

We are secretly rather thrilled by excess and, anyway, someone will always be on hand to pay the bills and bandage the heads

The Radcliffe Camera, part of Oxford’s Bodleian library, where work by John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester is kept

Robert Sutcliffe: New biography of one of England's best loved poets - Philip Larkin

Aims to show something of his more gentle and tender side

Robert Sutcliffe: Sisters at war: feminists battle it out over sex, men, alcohol and drugs

Woman's Hour presenter Jenni Murray takes an unsisterly jab at young female writers

Robert Sutcliffe: New book reveals what it is like to be on the end of a media monstering

Among those discussed in The Eye of the Storm are former Foreign Secretary William Hague and Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell


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