Stephen Jackson of T & Cake in Almondbury

Stephen Jackson

Recipes from our food writer Stephen Jackson successfully ran The Weaver's Shed restaurant in Golcar until opening T & Cake in Almondbury

Stephen Jackson: Quince stuffed Camembert en croute

This week we're making use of one of the fruits that's absolutely bang in season at the moment, the quince

Stephen Jackson: Chicken Tikka Lasagne

We should be allowed to be a little playful at times

Stephen Jackson's Vanilla Custard with Damson-Apple Compote & Cobnut Crumble

Stephen Jackson's recipe for Vanilla Custard with Damson-Apple Compote and Cobnut Crumble

The important thing is to get out there and forage, especially at this bountiful time of the year.

Stephen Jackson's Aillade with music bread

Forger Walnut Whip, it's walnut dip - Aillade and music bread recipe

T&Cake Cafe co-owner and chef Stephen Jackson creates an unusual French favourite

Stephen Jackson recipe for shamouti cake

It certainly feels like baking weather – nowhere nicer to be than in a warm kitchen filled with the scent of cake when it’s damp and miserable outside

Stephen Jackson's artichoke, olive & three-cheese calzone

Stephen Jackson's recipe for artichoke, olive and three-cheese calzone

Stephen is co-owner and chef at T&Cake Cafe, Almondbury

Stephen Jackson's vanilla Custard with damson-apple compote & cobnut crumble

Stephen Jackson's recipe for recipe for vanilla custard with damson-apple compote and cobnut crumble

Right now, we could almost all of us go for a 20-minute walk and come back with wild apples, rosehips, elderberries and bagfuls of blackberries

Stephen Jackson's recipe for autumn pears

This week the autumnal weather seems to be staying with us.

Stephen Jackson: Cauliflower Briese

This cauli cheese would be great served alongside a roast, or even barbecued meats (if you've not wheeled it back into the\ngarage)

Stephen Jackson: Black Forest Battenberg

This Battenberg is certainly one worth adding to the notebook, because it looks and tastes wonderful.

Stephen Jackson: Rosemary Scones With Mascarpone, Figs and Honey

This week Examiner chef Stephen Jackson is treating us to a delightful Tuscan-influenced bake.

Stephen Jackson's Savoury ducks with Yorkshire sauce

Stephen Jackson: Savoury Ducks With Yorkshire Sauce

Fire up 't brass band, groom tha' whippets and pluck a white rose from 't garden! Happy Yorkshire Day, everybody!

Stephen Jackson: Purple Potato & Chorizo Salad

This week it's another recipe inspired by a quick leaf through the timeline on my Twitter feed.

Stephen Jackson: Mont Blanc dessert

The simple act of watching the Tour De France pushed this classic pastry to the front of the list almost immediately

Stephen Jackson's Pea & Parsley Tart With Crispy Ham

Stephen Jackson: Pea and parsley tart with crispy ham

The fresh, sweet flavours of peas seem to be attracted to the rich salty savoury notes of cured pork.

Stephen Jackson: Strawberry Club

This week Examiner chef Stephen Jackson stays on a fruity theme featuring strawberries

Stephen Jackson's Raspberry Fantastic

Stephen Jackson: Raspberry Fantastic

This week Examiner chef and owner of T & Cake cafe in Almondbury Stephen Jackson is encouraging us to have a go at this multi-faceted odyssey.

Stephen Jackson's steak tartare with deep-fried duck egg

Steak tartare with deep-fried duck egg: Stephen Jackson's recipe

The latest mouth-watering recipe from the co-owner and chef at T&Cake Cafe in Almondbury

Stephen Jackson: Soft-Baked Chocolate Cookie Dough With Pecans & Caramel

This week's recipe is a full-on, bare-chested horn-blaring beast of a dessert

Stephen Jackson's Crab in Mayonnaise

Stephen Jackson: Crab in basil mayonnaise

Examiner chef Stephen Jackson creates crab in basil mayonnaise


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