MANY will no doubt feel that jailing a pensioner for breaching an Asbo is unfair.

Jean Clough is 77 and was yesterday imprisoned for 16 weeks for continuing a campaign of harassment against her neighbours.

The original dispute sounds to have stemmed from something quite trivial – a wall between two properties and a TV aerial on a shared chimney.

Clough’s brush with the law has been going on for years. She was first ordered to sign a good behaviour contract with Kirklees Council almost a decade ago.

There were problems years later and in 2008 she was given a five-year antisocial behaviour order.

But despite this she continued to cause trouble for her neighbours and was given a suspended jail sentence last June, but again did not learn and she was eventually remanded in custody in March.

No-one can argue that Clough did not have enough chances to change her ways.

Just to get to the stage of being given an Asbo follows several warnings and the impact on her neighbour’s lives must have been horrendous.

It just makes you wonder what help there is out there for people like Clough who, seemingly, just can’t help themselves and control their behaviour.