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Honley Show 2011: Horses Section



Showing Classes

Bright Stars Intermediate: 1 A O’Brien, 2 R Smith Bright Stars Leid Rein 1 C Mason, 2 Emilia, 3 F Taylor Bright Stars First Pony 1 I Wormington, 2 V Rathmell, 3 O Taylor Veteran Horse Society In Hand 1 N Pearson, 2 R Watson, 3 S Pearce Veteran Horse Society Qualifier Ridden 1 O Ogden, 2 L Beaumont, 3 L King.

Hunter Classes

Bright Stars Hunter Pony 1 J Hardiman, 2 R Booth, 3 S A Smith Bright Stars Hunter 1 S Arnold, 2 E Grime, 3 C Wilson P (UK) Pollyanna Confined Novice Zenith Working Hunter 1 S Arnold, 2 A Fisher, 3 R Dilworth P(UK_ Zenith WHP Working Hunter 1 M Cooper, 2 C Bowler, 3 M Nunnelly Open Working Hunter Horse 1 A K Walker, 2 A Cooper, 3 Mrs D Blackburn Beginners Working Hunter 1 I Workington, 2 M Beadle, 3 A Weightman P (UK) Northwest Supporters Confined Novice M & M WHP 1 E A Haigh, 2 C Bowler, 3 H C Lister Novice Mixed Height WHP 1 M Munelly, 2 M Walker Champion S Arnold Res Champion A K Walker.

Mountain and Moorland Classes

Mixed mountain and moorland (Colt, Filly, Gelding, small breeds) 1 D Well, 2 G Rogers, 3 Mrs T Day Mixed M & M in hand (Stalion, Mare or Gelding, 4 years and over, small breeds) 1 A Green, 2 L Kitchener, 3 C Breen Mixed M & M in hand (Colt, Filly, Gelding, large breeds) 1 B Friggett, 2 D Wells, 3 M Baston Mixed M & M in hand (Stallion, Mare or Gelding, 4 years and over, large breeds) 1 L Wolfenden, 2 J Swift, 3 J Hartley Mixed M & M Small breeds (Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, Welsh) 1 J Legge, 2 G Holmes, 3 M Simpson Mixed M & M Large breeds (Connemara, Dales, Fells, New Forest, Weslh) 1 L Wolfenden, 2 H C Lister, 3 H Tucker P (UK) Brineton M & M First Ridden 1 C Payne, 2 G Holmes, 3 M Simpson Champion In Hand A Green Reserve L Wolfenden Champion Ridden C Payne Reserve G Wainwright.

New Schedule For 2011

Tack and Turnout 1 J Abbott, 2 J Oakland, 3 L Eastwood Local Horse/Pony 1 R Booth, 2 J Laurie, 3 J Oakland Golden Oldies 1 J McClure, 2 F Sheard, 3 T Gill Equitation 1 H Tucker, 1 J McClure, 3 J Laurie Riding Club Horse (exceeding 148cms) 1 S Mitchell, 2 M Walker, 3 L Ward Riding Club Pony (not exceeding 148cms) 1 A Foreman, 2 M Walker, 3 A Hackett Ridden Cob 1 R Dillworth, 2 L Beaumont, 3 J Taylor.


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