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Passive smoking could be harming pets, says Huddersfield's Donaldson's Vets

Most smokers understand that lighting up around children is harmful, but fewer people are aware of the impact passive smoking can have on their pets

Andrew Jackson column: Do you have a favourite Christmas advert?

Or are they a biggest festive turn-off?

Andrew Jackson on facing an enemy who play by their own rules

We need to understand why people support IS and make that disappear

Andrew Jackson on facing an enemy who play by their own rules

We need to understand why people support IS and make that disappear

Bacon, sausages, eggs and the rest

Andrew Jackson: WHO says processed meat can cause cancer but will people change diets?

Andrew Jackson: Processed meat alert the latest in health warnings on food

Andrew Jackson column: Oscar Wilde was spot-on about cyber crime!

Identity theft gives us all pause for thought

Andrew Jackson: Phrases that are the cat's whiskers

Have you ever had the cold shoulder. What about chancing your arm?

Andrew Jackson on Alzheimer's - the cruellest condition that can rob people not only of a future but also a past

Worrying figures to mark World Alzheimer's Day

Robert Sutcliffe: Bond, beer and how to talk to 'the ladies'

The latest musings from the Examiner reporter on all things whimsical and wonderful

Andrew Jackson: Why we shouldn't be reluctant to kiss our children

California doctors says kissing children on lips can sexualise them

Andrew Jackson: Are speed cameras really safety devices or a means of raising revenue

We need more transparency over the siting of speed cameras

Andrew Jackson: Middle class 'glass ceiling' holding back poor kids

Andrew Jackson: Helping your child progress may hinder others

Robert Sutcliffe: Fox hunting debate shows once again how powerful an issue it is

Scottish National Party shoots down David Cameron's fox

Andrew Jackson: The reality of being a young person trying to make your way in the world in 2015

What teenagers do in the summer holidays

Robert Sutcliffe: Sunday trading reform overdue

Social change occurs in a curious way in Britain

Andrew Jackson: $250,000 doesn't buy you unlimited air travel

Banker Steve Rothstein says airline has broken its promise

Andrew Jackson: Tinkering with time

The leap second brings the Earth and time back together again

Robert Sutcliffe: Crumbling Palace of Westminster needs millions of pounds spending on its restoration

While Buckingham Palace needs £150m

Andrew Jackson: There's a huge asteroid heading to Earth - so say the conspiracy theorists

A huge asteroid will strike Earth by the end of September, apparently

Andrew Jackson: Yorkshire has long history - as Whitby dinosaur fossil proves

Andrew Jackson: sauropod Diplodocus fossil found on North Yorkshire coast

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Mean-spirited thieves steal DVDs and toys from Dewsbury children's A&E

Giants boss Ken Davy says all options for HRI should be considered

Hands Off HRI: Huddersfield Giants owner Ken Davy urges health chiefs to consider all options

Police, stock

Attack on woman prompts Meltham man hunt


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