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Colette Nuttall Lorry on M62 close to Scammonden hit by high winds
Lorry on M62 close to Scammonden hit by high winds

Huddersfield is being battered by high winds this evening. The Met Office expects winds to get up to around 60 to 70mph in our area.

Below are a selection of stories from today;

Roof ripped from swimming pool, M62 delays, trees down, power cuts: high winds hit Huddersfield - click here to read

Storm tears apart Salendine Nook swimming pool roof - as children's lessons take place below - click here to read

Commuters on the M62 have been warned to be on their guard for a tough time driving home.

There were fears earlier that winds could hit 100mph in exposed high spots but the warning has been downgraded by the Met Office.

However, earlier in the afternoon gusts hit 55mph in Salendine Nook and topped 65mph in Emley.

We'll bring you the latest reports through the evening and help you to get home safely.

4:49 pm

Here's an amazing shot by Collette Nuttall of the effects of the wind on the M62

Colette Nuttall Lorry on M62 close to Scammonden hit by high winds

4:50 pm

M62 is now closed to high sided vehicles between 24 Ainley Top and 22 Rishworth Moor.

4:50 pm

The A628 Woodhead Pass is currently closed to highsided vehicles due to high wind speeds.

4:50 pm

A curtain sided lorry has overturned on the M62 at Scammonden. Two lanes closed towards Manchester and queueing traffic between J23 A640 / A643 (Huddersfield) and J22 A672 (Rishworth Moor)

4:54 pm

Just heard there have now been three lorries  in three separate incidents in our area. The latest is a person trapped under HGV on A62 at Standedge above Diggle. Emergency services on scene.

4:58 pm

This was the Met Office prediction for where the storms would hit issued earlier today


Met Office storm warning for 'Wild Wednesday'

4:59 pm

5:01 pm

Our poor chief photographer Julian Hughes has pictures from the M62 - but he's struggling for a signal up there as you can imagine.

We'll bring you the pictures as soon as he's able to file them

5:03 pm

5:05 pm

Bridgewater Place in Leeds is now closed because of the winds

5:08 pm

Here's ITV weatherman Jon Mitchell with a view from above

5:09 pm

This is from Huddersfield

5:10 pm

5:11 pm

The M1 Tinsley viaduct is closed to high-sided vehicles

5:14 pm

No joke this - is you've got anything that needs tethering up or tieing down, get it done.

West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service put out a warning earlier

5:15 pm

Queueing traffic and traffic heavier than normal on M621 outbound between J2 A643 (Elland Road) and M1 J43 (Belle Isle).

Traffic is joining up with congestion on the M1.

5:16 pm

5:21 pm

This was a couple of hours ago but it just show the strength of the wind

5:24 pm

This was a couple of hours ago but it just show the strength of the wind

5:25 pm

Just had a 72mph gust at Salendine Nook at 5.20pm. These winds will get much stronger in the next 2 hours & showers will turn to snow - that's from our weatherman Paul Stevens

5:27 pm

Getting the bus home - you may need to prepare for a wait

5:29 pm

Two lanes closed and queueing traffic due to overturned lorry on M62 Westbound between J23 A640 / A643 (Huddersfield) and J22 A672 (Rishworth Moor), congestion to J26 M606 / A58 (Chain Bar).

Lanes one and two (of three) are closed heading towards Manchester. Police have now closed the road completely to high sided vehicles between J22 and J23.

5:30 pm

Strong winds on M62 Rakewood Viaduct between J21 A640 (Milnrow) and J22 A672 (Rishworth Moor). Matrix sign set to 50 mph.

Winds are also said to be bad around the Scammendon Reservoir and the Little House on the Prairie aka Stott Hall Farm

5:33 pm

Here's a picture of the lorry causing the delays on the M62

Overturned lorry on M62 westbound at Scammonden

5:34 pm

Fair play to our photographer Julian - I wouldn't fancy standing on Scammonden Bridge at the moment. Will bring you more images shortly

5:37 pm

Overturned lorry on M62 westbound at Scammonden

5:39 pm

5:55 pm

6:03 pm

We've had reports the power is out in Birkby/Fixby areas, so take extra special care in these areas as the street lights are out.

6:04 pm

6:11 pm

6:15 pm

6:19 pm

6:24 pm

The police have just told us that the A635 Holmfirth Road is closed in both directions due to an accident, two lorries are involved between B6106 Dunford Road and A669 Chew Valley Road. Closed from Saddleworth and Holmfirth

6:25 pm

6:32 pm

I've just driven from Bradley through Fixby and up past Ainley Top roundabout - it really is horrible out there. If there's any way you can avoid going out then do so.

6:34 pm

6:35 pm

M62 closed to high sided vehicles due to strong winds between J19 A6046 (Heywood) and J24 A629 (Ainley Top).

There is also an overturned lorry which has closed two lanes to all traffic on the Westbound carriageway.

6:36 pm

Off on your holidays tonight?

6:37 pm

Family or friends on the M60 - it's more bad news I'm afraid

6:39 pm

We're getting reports that the roof has come of the swimming pool roof at Salendine Nook - we have yet to confirm this

6:39 pm

6:40 pm

More bad news on the railways


6:41 pm

Red card for tonight's Man City game

6:50 pm

The news just gets worse

6:51 pm

Roger from Northern Powergrid Press Office has confirmed that 2,045 houses are without electricity in the Birkby/Cowersley Road area - many with postcode HD2 2.

The lights went out at 5.21pm and, as yet, the cause is not known.

Engineers are working to restore power. The area is on a high voltage supply and they are looking at switching supplies from other parts of the network. We'll keep you posted.

6:52 pm

Their game is off and they're stuck on the M62. Poor Mackems

6:54 pm

Due to emergency work at Manchester Airport station, all services will start and terminate at Piccadilly until further notice.

Northern Powergrid have tweeted: "We've taken action to protect the power network as high winds begin to sweep across Yorkshire and the North East" - but they haven't said what!

6:56 pm

Some people seem to be having a problem seeing our image of the delays on the M62 after the lorry crashed earlier - hopefully this should work!


6:57 pm

7:02 pm

Apparently when the roof came off Salendine Nook swimming pool, there were people in the baths! If you were one of them and you've managed to get dried give us a call on 01484 437712

7:04 pm

Not a good night to be a tree...

7:04 pm

7:05 pm

Our reporter Linda Whitwam has headed off up to Salendine Nook to see what's what with swimming pool roof.

I do hope she's remembered change for her locker...

7:07 pm

Disruption on Northern Rail due to adverse weather conditions.

Trains across the Northern Rail network may be delayed or cancelled.

7:19 pm

The roof did come off Salendine Nook swimming pool - while there was a swimming lesson on

Dad Paul Wood said: "Thank god my wife and son are OK. The little lad was in the pool when the roof blew off and debris fell in."

7:20 pm

M62 latest: One lane closed and queueing traffic due to overturned lorry on M62 Westbound between J23 A640 / A643 (Huddersfield) and J22 A672 (Rishworth Moor), congestion on M62 to J26 M606 / A58 (Chain Bar). Note change of details.

Lanes one (of three) is closed heading towards Manchester. Lane three was previously closed however it re-opened at 18:25. Police have closed the road completely to high sided vehicles between J19 and J24

7:33 pm

If proof was needed that an early finish isn't always the best idea...


7:45 pm


Want to see pictures from the M62? What's the latest situation on the roads?

Take a look at our report which tells you what's happened so far.

Click here to take a read

8:09 pm

Fancy a swim? This is a roof panel at the Salendine Nook pool... in the car park


8:15 pm

A worse night if you're a tree


Service suspended on Northern Rail between Huddersfield and Barnsley due to fallen tree on the line.

There is no estimate for when a normal service will resume.

8:20 pm

Drub Road in Cleckheaton: road cleared, fallen tree removed on Drub Lane in both directions between Latham Lane and A58 Whitehall Road West.

8:30 pm

Terrified youngsters had an amazing escape when gales ripped off the roof of a swimming pool.

The children were having lessons in the pool at Salendine Nook High School when the roof was torn apart by the 70mph winds battering the town.           

Parents shepherded the children to the relative safety of the changing rooms as debris dropped into the water at 5.30pm.

And they herded them from the devastated baths through a snowstorm of fibreglass from the roof insulation.

Read the full story and see pictures here
8:57 pm

Here's an image from inside the Salendine Nook High School after the roof was ripped off by the storm

Wouldn't fancy swimming in this...


Becky Coulthard Roof insulation in Salendine Nook High School swimming pool after roof ripped off by storm

9:01 pm

Huddersfield South Neighbourhood Policing Team have just said...

Please be aware of a number of road closures near Outlane and st George's square Huddersfield centre has a road closed due to some falling masonry from a building.

9:02 pm

9:03 pm

A635 Holmfirth Road in both directions closed due to accident, two lorries involved between B6106 Dunford Road and A669 Chew Valley Road.
Closed from Saddleworth to Holmfirth

9:06 pm

Kirkburton & Denby Dale Neighbourhood Policiing Team have just told us that the M62 has reopened. Speed restrictions in place on the high up bits though!

9:14 pm

Looks like the worst could be over (always the wrong thing to say) but here's some amazing numbers from Paul Stephens

9:19 pm

Fancy a bit of good news? Here you are then...

Normal service resumed on Northern Rail between Huddersfield and Barnsley following earlier fallen tree on the line.

9:40 pm

This is completely left field but it's that time of night now.

A Facebbok fan group has been set up in honour of Huddersfield Town player Adam Clayton's beard.

Which got us to wondering what he may look like with a few other celebrity beard styles.

We give you the Rylan...

Adam Clayton with a Rylan...


Have a look here for some more

9:44 pm

10:06 pm

Looks like things have calmed down a lot in our area - I'll look around for a few things to round up in a moment, but thought this may appeal to us.

We all know Yorkshire grannies are as tough as they come - no doubt they'd have dismissed today's weather as 'nobbut a breeze' so here's some other granny advice.




Just click here to see more

10:14 pm

Right everyone, thanks for your help during the evening. Hope you enjoyed our liveblog and found it useful.

Here are the main headlines from tonight - but we'll have plenty more for your on Wednesday so make sure you visit

Storm tears apart Salendine Nook swimming pool roof - as children's lessons take place below - click here to read

Roof ripped from swimming pool, M62 delays, trees down, power cuts: high winds hit Huddersfield - click here to read

Click here to take you back to more Huddersfield news.

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10:18 pm

That's us for today - I'll leave you with our striking picture of the M62 lorry crash which was snapped from Scammonden Bridge by our chief photographer Julian Hughes - rather him than me!



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