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Huddersfield bus gates: Traffic jams in Huddersfield - with buses blocking street

Drivers angry at long queues

Angry drivers were caught up in long traffic jams in Huddersfield town centre.

And many argued: “Are the ‘bus gates’ to blame?”

Dozens of cars queued back down Station Street and through St George’s Square at teatime on Thursday because of traffic blocking Westgate.

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At one point there were seven buses nose to tail down Westgate and into Kirkgate at 6pm.

One driver said: “Traffic has to be diverted along Station Street but then cannot turn left into Westgate and there was nowhere to go”.

Traffic backed up in Station Street, Huddersfield, unable to get into the traffic flow in Westgate

The bus gates scheme is to prevent vehicles other than buses from key routes around town.

Many of the routes into St George’s Square and the train station are now off-limits to all but buses and Hackney Carriage drivers. Ignoring the rules will land motorists with a £60 fine.

Bus gate enforcement cameras have been installed and are now live at Kirkgate, Westgate, Railway Street and Market Street.

Take a trip through the Huddersfield bus gate route below

Further work is continuing in High Street and Ramsden Street.

Enforcement cameras require vehicles entering Railway Street from Trinity Street to circle back out up Station Street onto Westgate.

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Cars coming from the north side of town are also banned from continuing down Westgate, forcing all traffic onto the narrow back roads next to the station.

Vehicles are also unable to approach the station from the south side of town on Kirkgate.

Traffic backed up in Station Street, Huddersfield, unable to get into the traffic flow in Westgate



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