THIEVES have targeted a community gardening project in Huddersfield.

They have repeatedly struck at the Holme Valley Gardening Network, a social enterprise business which helps people with health problems.

They have stolen garden tools and equipment – including some donated by Beverly O’Toole, in memory of her son Adam.

Student Adam, 18 was killed in a hit and run incident in 2007, in Salendine Nook and the garden equipment was bought out of funds raised in the aftermath of his death.

Beverly featured early in the year as a volunteer with the group, and fears this might have to stop because of the crime spree.

Those running the project fear they may have to curtail some of their activities which help up to 20 people at a time twice a week.

The thefts, along with vandalism and damage, has been at the project’s base in Royds Avenue, New Mill.

Elaine Thelier, project manager, said the thefts were reducing their capacity to provide gardening work for local residents.

She said: “The break-ins have occurred over the past two months, from the end of September up until the weekend.

“The Network offers paid employment, work experience and volunteering opportunities to support local adults and families who suffer from long-term, debilitating health conditions, mental health problems and physical impairments through outdoor horticultural activities.

“We also support those on low income and offer training and work experience for young people. It’s a real shame that this has happened. We’re having to use a garden shed because we have no other secure storage, but we will now be looking into this in the future.”

The stolen property included wheelbarrows, secateurs, gloves and hosepipes.

All the equipment is marked HVGN and police are investigating

Anyone with information should contact police on their non-emergency number 01484 436 855.

Anyone able to donate gardening equipment they no longer use should ring 07949414163.