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Huge pothole gives learner drivers problems outside Huddersfield Test Centre

Driving instructor Graham Pickup on warpath over huge pothole

Learner drivers are being driven to distraction by a pothole ... right outside Huddersfield Test Centre.

Driving instructor Graham Pickup, 58, of Dalton, has watched the pothole get bigger and bigger and now he says enough’s enough.

Graham, an instructor in Huddersfield for 36 years, has reported the hole to Kirklees Council but says no-one can can say if, or when, the repair will be made.

The pothole, which now measures 3ft by 2ft, is in the middle of Waverley Road, Huddersfield.

Driving Instructor Graham Pickup measures up the pothole which is in the centre of Waverley Street outside the Driving Test Centre.

It is right on the track of a car’s wheels and drivers must swerve to avoid it.

Graham said: “It’s an inconvenience but, more than that, it could be very expensive. We educate young drivers to avoid potholes because of the damage they can cause to tyres and wheels and we always say it might cost you a new tyre today but six months down the line when it comes to MOT time there might be more costly damage you can’t see.

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“We advise drivers to avoid hitting potholes but some you just can’t. In that case just slow right down.”

Graham said striking a pothole shouldn’t harm the chances of passing a driving test but could be unnerving for learners all the same.

“This pothole is at the start of the test route and drivers are nervous enough without having to confront this,” he said. “It needs repairing quickly.”

Driving Instructor Graham Pickup measures up the pothole which is in the centre of Waverley Street outside the Driving Test Centre.

Graham has spoken to other instructors who share his concerns.

Graham first rang Kirklees Council about it on March 1 and has rung every week since.

“Kirklees told me this week the pothole will be inspected within eight weeks but they couldn’t tell me whether that was eight weeks from then or eight weeks from when I first reported it,” he said.

“I know there are worse roads in Huddersfield but this is a large hole and would only take a couple of hours to repair. The longer it’s left, the bigger it will become.”


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