Has anyone seen Aimee Hanson’s shoe?

The Examiner wouldn’t usually do a story about a missing shoe but this is no ordinary piece of missing footwear.

It’s a black Christian Louboutin stiletto, in size five, and a pair would set you back an eye-watering £550.

Aimee is keen to get the shoe back as the pair were given to her as a Christmas gift.

She was on a night out in Holmfirth when she removed her shoes as her feet were feeling sore. The 5 inch heels certainly weren’t helping, she says.

Aimee believes that she may have dropped the shoe as she walked from the Old Bridge Inn to Victoria Road to get a taxi around midnight on Thursday, April 13.

Aimee Hanson's Louboutin shoes - pictured before one went missing in Holmfirth

“Embarrassingly, I was a little drunk and took them off to walk to a taxi as my feet were sore. I also had my bag and jacket in my hands and somehow managed to drop it.”

Aimee, 31, a consultant engineer, said it was the first time she had made an appeal about a missing shoe.

“I want to get the shoe back because they were a present and I feel so disappointed in myself,” she said.

She has checked with the taxi firm but to no avail.

Aimee, originally from Holmfirth but now living near Penistone, thinks someone may have picked up the shoe and taken it home after seeing the Louboutin name on the sole.