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M62 lorry driver spotted checking FACEBOOK while driving on motorway

Police Facebook followers were disgusted

A brazen lorry driver was pictured checking his mobile - and it appears he's looking at Facebook!

The driver was snapped on the M62 by an undercover GMP police traffic department HGV scrolling through his timeline.

GMP Royton and Shaw/Facebook The lorry driver appears to be checking Facebook while driving on the M62
The lorry driver appears to be checking Facebook while driving on the M62

GMP Royton and Shaw shared this picture on their own Facebook account on Monday.

Commenters were disgusted - Alan Stanley Green said: "Sadly I see this every day. I think the punishment should match that of drink driving. Hopefully people would think about it more carefully then."

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Pete Harrington said: "This really bugs me - so called professional driver. No one is taking notice of a little slap on the hands six-month ban.

"As a motorcyclist I see it more as we are higher up, young girls and lads are the biggest offenders that I see. They hold it out of sight below the wheel and take their eyes right off the road."

And Anne Townsend said: "Happens too often, thought it was a sackable offence."



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