Oh what a beautiful morning ... this stunning October dawn over Castle Hill was taken by Examiner photographer Simon Morley yesterday.

It heralded a breezy day with sunny spells and clouds scudding across the sky as temperatures went on to reach 14˚C (57.2˚F).

But the weather is set to get colder from today down to around 11˚C (51.8˚F) with the wind coming from the north east and the chance of rain.

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Huddersfield weather expert Paul Stevens said it could be quite chilly first thing on Thursday with temperatures dipping possibly to 1˚C and the chance of ground frost. So far temperatures in Huddersfield have not fallen below 5˚C this autumn.

He said the weather should remain quite settled throughout the rest of October – possibly getting milder again mid next week – but temperatures are expected to dip again at the start of November with the chance of some early winter frost and snow on the hills.