January has been an unusual month packed with bizarre stories and you've not been shy to share your footage with us.

The Examiner has been inundated with videos showing such gems as crazy antics in a supermarket to a taxi which ended in the drink after reversing into the canal.

We were also sent footage of sunken barges following the terrible flooding and we also had claims of UFOs spotted by Sue Sill.

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And who could forget the amazing footage of Ryburn Reservoir overflowing during the floods! It's all happened in Huddersfield in a busy and fascinating start to the year.

Anyway, if you missed any of these gems, then you can catch up with them all below. And don't forget you can send in your footage to us at editorial@examiner.co.uk and we'll feature the best.

Crazy antics in Asda

Ooops...which one's reverse and which one's first gear?

UFO spotted in skies above Huddersfield

And another.....

Sunken barge in canal after floods

Now this is a waterfall......