Commuters were left a little puzzled as dancers and musicians took over platform one at Huddersfield Railway Station.

A performance called White Cane by Salamanda Tandem involved visually impaired dancer Mickel Smithen, blind viola player Takashi Kikuchi, composer Duncan Chapman and composer and singing audio describer Isabel Jones.

A performance by Salamanda Tandem at Huddersfield railway station

The artists described the performance as the creation of a “sensory space of touch, vibration, movement and sound, in an unfolding dialogue between performers and public”.

Commuters were given headphones so they could listen to the sounds without them being drowned out by the noise from train engines and various announcements on the loud speakers.

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Passengers on trains were able to watch the performance unfold, while others got a little closer to the action.

Off-duty Examiner journalist Robert Sutcliffe, who was in the nearby Kings Head pub when he was asked to join the performance, said: “It was all a bit surreal really. They asked if I would take part and were quite persuasive. We were just in the pub and were easy prey.”

A performance by Salamanda Tandem at Huddersfield railway station

The three performances were part of the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival which runs until Sunday, November 27.

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