Tommy Coyle is making his debut at light-welterweight when he fights Huddersfield’s Tyrone Nurse for the British title.

The 26-year-old Hull puncher has won International titles and a Commonwealth belt at lightweight, but he’s never raised a Lonsdale Belt above his head like Nurse.

Coyle is the underdog against the reigning champion on the Leeds Arena bill this coming Saturday, but he’s promising to make it a real show.

“I don’t think the weight will be an issue, I’ve fought at lightweight for so long and moving up should make me stronger,” explained Coyle.

“I’ve been sparring some very good people at that weight and welterweight and I feel really good.

“The camp has been going perfectly and it’s all falling into place now. The clock is ticking and the fight will be here in no time. I cannot wait, it’s going to be a special night.

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Coyle defeated Reynaldo Mora on points at the Manchester Arena last time out, his first fight back since being beaten by Olympic hero Luke Campbell at Craven Park when fighting for the vacant WBC International lightweight crown.

He says winning a Lonsdale Belt has long been on his bucket list.

“I cannot wait for the fight to come around, it’s such an honour to be fighting to be crowned British champion. I’m going to give this everything I’ve got,” he added.

“It’s always been my dream to win the British title. It’s number three on my bucket list, not that the list is in any order.

“I look at that list all the time. It’s taken on new meaning since my son Archie was born. Before I wanted to win it for myself, now I want to win it for him, it’s all for him now.”

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