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Happy Yorkshire Day! Here's 10 reasons to celebrate living in God's Own County

Yorkshire folk unite for a reight cracking day

Happy Yorkshire Day!

Today we're celebrating all things Yorkshire — and thanking our lucky stars we were born in a county where folk talk reight, have a cracking sense of humour, make proper food and drink and make those folk over t'Pennines jealous that they don't live in God's Own County.

Here's 10 reasons to celebrate living in Yorkshire:

1. We talk reight

Do you speak proper?
Do you speak proper?

Tha can't beat a proper Yorkshire accent — friendly, straight-talking and full of weird and wonderful words.

Check out Examiner readers' favourite Yorkshire phrases, and if you need a hand learning the local lingo, we've opened our 'arts to give thee helping hand - and for one day only London folk can have a go and see the light.

Just put thi problem int little ole and click t'button!

Yorkshire lingo generator

Need to gi someone a reyt good Yorkshire talking to? Bend their blummin' ears with these - sithee!

What's up with thi?

2. We have t'best views around

Rolling hills, sprawling dales, meadows, dramatic cliff tops, sensational shores...Yorkshire really does have it all when it comes to scenery.

3. We tell t'best jokes

You can't beat a bit of Yorkshire humour
You can't beat a bit of Yorkshire humour

For more Yorkshire jokes that'll have thee rolling in t'aisles, here's our round-up of your best lines!

4. You're never far from a cracking pint

Us Yorkshire folk are passionate about our ale — you can keep your fancy cocktails, a nice pint of Black Sheep or Timmy Taylor's and everything'll be reight.

Those nice folks at Welcome to Yorkshire have made a map of the 30 most popular pubs in God's Own County — so no matter where you are in our green and pleasant lands, you can enjoy a nice pint.

Ale Trail map

Read more about the Yorkshire's Delicious Ale Trail here

5. We produce proper legends

If you're celebrating Yorkshire Day, chances are some celebs are joining you in raising a pint to God's own county.

From Hollywood stars Dame Judi Dench, Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ben Kingsley, to sporting heroes Jessica Ennis, the Brownlee brothers and Darren Gough, top bands including The Human League, Pulp and the Arctic Monkeys and funnymen Ernie Wise, Bob Mortimer and Vic Reeves, there's a long old list of Yorkshire royalty.

But which Yorkshire legend are you? Take our quiz to find out:

6. You can't beat a Yorkshire pud

Check out our A-Z foodie guide to Yorkshire
Check out our A-Z foodie guide to Yorkshire

Or most Yorkshire scran, for that matter! There's nowt like a slice of parkin with your cuppa, Yorkshire puds with a Sunday Roast or a nice pint from a Yorkshire brewery — as we explained in our A-Z foodie guide to Yorkshire!

7. There's nowt like being dragged up in Yorkshire!

As the brilliant hashtag #GrowingUpYorkshire proved on Twitter this week, which included this classic:

Read more here

8. You can keep that there London

Tim Green/Evo Flash/Flickr Yorkshire vs London
Yorkshire vs London

Yorkshire life is pretty special - from our glorious countryside to our charming pubs, more bang for your buck in the property market and our famous hospitality.

Yorkshire beats London anyday and here's 14 reasons why our green and pleasant land trumps the capital.

9. And more importantly, we definitely better than Lancashire

Google Maps Map of Yorkshire
Map of Yorkshire

It's a rivalry that goes back as far as the War of the Roses - but when it comes to Yorkshire vs Lancashire, we think we've got our cousins at the other side of the Pennines licked.

Here's 34 reasons Yorkshire is far greater than Lancashire.

10. We have plenty in common - and plenty of pride

Department for Communities and Local Government/Flickr Yorkshire flag
Yorkshire flag

Yorkshire folk have plenty in common — distinctive accents, a love of Yorkshire puddings and appreciation for some of the prettiest green spaces in the country.

Click here for 50 things you've probably done if you're from God's Own County — how many points do you score?

Happy Yorkshire Day everyone!


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