Hundreds of dog lovers flocked to the weird and wonderful Bark in the Park at Huddersfield’s Ravensknowle Park.

The event always proves a bit of a lark for those who take part or go along to watch – and the dogs have a great time too.

With its wacky classes including the dog with the waggiest tail and the canine who looks most like its owner, Bark in the Park is always popular.

But now, after 10 years, the event could be under threat as the organisers say they need new, younger volunteers or Saturday’s fun day may have been the last.

On the back of this year’s programme was an “important message” from the Huddersfield Fun4Paws Committee which read: “Welcome to Bark In the Park 2016.

“We hope you and your dog have a really enjoyable day. This is our tenth year but it may also be our last.

“It takes a great deal of hard work to put on an event like Bark In The Park and not just on the day itself.

Bark in the Park: A Border Collie flies over a jump in the Flyball competition.
Bark in the Park: A Border Collie flies over a jump in the Flyball competition.

“For several months previous there is a great deal of planning and organising to be done as well as fundraising. These events don’t come cheap.

“The majority of the committee are now in the ‘old age’ classification with all the handicaps that brings.

“Therefore, we feel that the time has now come for an injection of fresh blood into this project with a fresh energy.

“If we cannot find people prepared to take this on then unfortunately we will have no choice but to call it a day.”

John Jackson, the 70-year-old committee chairman, said: “The majority of the committee have all turned 70 and it’s getting harder and harder.

“If we can’t get the younger ones interested in taking over then this will be the last. It would be a shame to let it go.

“It would be good if someone would take it on because it is financially viable and we have all our own equipment which we are happy to pass on to someone with a legitimate interest.”

Bark in the Park fun day for dogs at Ravensknowle Park.

Kirklees councillor Bernard McGuin said: “Let’s hope someone can come forward and take it on. I have come for the last few years even though really I’m a cat person!”

Peter Jefferson and his wife Mary from Emley said they were sad to hear this year’s event might be the last.

Bark in the Park: A Border Collie flies over a jump in the Flyball competition.
Bark in the Park: A Border Collie flies over a jump in the Flyball competition.

Mary said: “We didn’t know it was under threat. We come because we have a Staffy rescue dog and we come to support the Staffy rescue stall.”

Darren Hoyle from Kirkheaton, who attended with his two dogs and niece Madison, said: “I would come again. I’ve quite enjoyed it. I hope it survives.”

Away from the politics the show bounced along in its usual exuberant style.

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Adding a welcome dash of colour in the Dog Most Like Owner fun dog show section was Caroline Beaumont, a 50-year-old secretary from Lepton.

She wowed the crowds by coming as Disney pantomime villainess in a stunning Cruella de Ville costume along with her two Border Collies, Buddy and Stella, dressed as Dalmatians.

There was also flyball where the dogs impressed with their speed and agility.