I BET the news organisations couldn't believe their luck.

Not only do they get a jolly to the US to cover an election but they also get a devastating natural disaster a few days before as well.


I'm not sure what was going through the minds of our TV executives in the last couple of weeks but frankly the non-stop coverage of Hurricane Sandy - also know as Superstorm Sandy or, and this is my favourite due to the events happening near Halloween, Frankenstorm Sandy - got right on my wick.

This was compounded by swathes of coverage on the run up to the election.

One night the main BBC News at Ten ran 20 minutes on the hurricane and it's effects. That's about ten minutes for the UK. So, nothing going on here then.

I know that anyone who disagrees with me would suggest that I am wrong because of the implications of the American presidency and therefore foreign policy mean a great deal to the UK.

They could also say that the devastation to the eastern seaboard of the US would mean problems for travellers, that trade would be affected and so on.

It could do, but frankly the implications don't become clear until way after the event so this was simply an army of reporters and news editors being breathless and slightly star-struck to be in the US with its myriad charms.

If they want to tell the full story of Hurricane Sandy I suggest they take a trip to the Caribbean where hundreds have been killed, hundreds of thousands of homes destroyed and millions are suffering the severest privations.

But I suspect, as there's nowhere to plug in their iPhones, it may be a while before we see Huw Edwards presenting live from Haiti.