HELEN Flanagan was brilliant in Coronation Street playing Rosie Webster, a spoiled girl obsessed with her looks who is determined to find fame and fortune, no matter what the cost.

Now we know why she was so good in the role after a week of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. It’s because she is a spoiled girl obsessed with her looks.

Mind you, she draws the line at actually attempting the Bushtucker Trials. As she has mentioned, she’ll be “making up for my ­pathetic-ness with my boobs”. I still expect her to walk out early.

Other campers, in this annual and much loved series of ritual humiliation, include MP Nadine Dorries who has said she is on the show to interest ordinary people in politics.

Now if David Cameron and George Osborne were Down Under being made to eat ostrich anus, that would interest ordinary people in politics. But Nadine? Not really.

The problem is the celebrities involved are mainly Z listers looking for a career boost and a pay day.

Others in the current crop include Pussycat Dolls singer Ashley Roberts, darts player Eric Bristow, who should know better, a posh lad called Hugo, comedian Brian Conley, an ex-Eastenders actress and Linda Robson from Birds of a Feather, which ended 14 years ago.

Colin Baker, who once played Dr Who, is presumably using the opportunity to audition for roles other than those of a barrage balloon.

I'm A Celebrity is as close as you can get to the Games of Ancient Rome with the public voting who is next to be subjected to rats or eating the unmentionable bits of animals. Normally I would be appalled at the premise but, in this case, these people deserve it.