HOTEL company Travelodge revealed some of the strange requests they have had from guests.

Among the daftest was a chap in Birmingham who asked reception where the Wi-Fi was because he couldn’t see it.

Then there was the lady in Newcastle who wanted someone to tell her a bedtime story to help her get to sleep.

In London, one hopeful tourist asked if it was possible to arrange for the changing of the guard to change days and another asked how to cross the M25. No doubt the receptionist advised: Very carefully.

Others asked if water came from the tap, if they could stop church bells ringing at midnight, and if they could make the frogs in the pond behind the hotel be quiet.

At Inverness, a guest asked what time the Loch Ness Monster made an appearance.

This all reminded me of the time my wife Maria and I booked into a hotel in Kilkenny. The hotel looked fine and we thought we were lucky to get the last room on a dark and wet Saturday evening after a hectic day of travel across Ireland.

There was a roaring log fire and the Guinness was wonderful. Then we got to the room and I phoned reception.

“It’s about the door on the bathroom,” I said.

“Ah, yes sur.”

“I’d like one.”