MEN, according to a survey, have it nine times a month. Women only succumb seven times in the same period. I'm talking about takeaways.

A recent study from the Voucher Codes company says the average British household spends £2,467 a year on takeaways. That's £206 a month.

That may seem a lot, but my wife Maria and I hit the average, mainly through our love of curries. And yes, that's an awful lot of vindaloos.

Still top of the fast food chart are fish and chips. This is probably because they have several advantages over other types of grub, including passing trade.

The aroma acts like a hook that grabs innocents walking by and reels them into the shop to order: “Once with bits on, to eat now, please.”

You can recognise those who have made an unplanned visit by the confused look on their face as they realise they had been on their way to Marks and Spencer's for a healthy option before getting sidetracked by the smell.

And let's face it. Nothing tastes better than fish and chips, in your hand, as you walk down the street. Hold me back – I fancy some right now.

Surprisingly, Chinese food is in second place, followed by curry which, as a takeaway, is usually purchased late in the evening after a pint in the pub. Then come pizza, Thai, kebabs, Southern Fried Chicken, burgers, sushi and Italian.

Duncan Jennings of Voucher Codes said: “Takeaway meals are now part of everyday life for busy consumers and eating on the fly no longer needs to be an unhealthy or expensive option.”

Option? Curry is certainly no option in our house – it's a necessity.

Caption: Are you sure you want your vindaloo this hot?