A couple of years ago, my wife and I (I do like saying that; it makes us sound posh) bought a new fridge freezer.

The family had flown the nest, so to speak, and there were just the two of us in the house and, apart from wanting to update the appliance, we could also downsize. How much frozen veg and pizza can two people eat?

“We could put the old fridge in the garage,” I said.

“Why?” said Maria, who just wanted shut of the thing.

“It would be useful to store beer in the summer,’ I said. “Or if there is a deal on frozen chicken.”

“It makes buzzing noise,” she said.

“You wouldn’t hear it in the garage.”

But she was not impressed and the fridge was removed. My beer remained un-chilled all summer.

A few months ago, our daughter Sian and her husband Andrew, and grand-daughter Jeannie moved in with us.

Temporarily, you understand. And we have discovered our new and neat fridge freezer is a bit on the small side.

“We could do with a second-hand one for the garage,” I said.

I looked on-line at sites like Gumtree that deal in almost anything second hand. But there was the problem of collecting it from the other side of Huddersfield or Bradford and then humping it into the house. And I have a bad back, you know.

We ended up going to the Heart Foundation shop in Huddersfield where, we discovered, fridges and fridge freezers move swiftly. They are apparently like gold dust. We saw one for £80, bought it on the spot, paid a delivery fee of £20 and the next morning at 8.30, a cheerful chap called Mick phoned to say he would be there within the hour. He and his young helper did the humping without aid of wheels or trolleys and my bad back was most impressed.

The appliance is taller than me and the only down-side is that it emits a slight buzzing noise; but we can live with that as it’s in the garage: packed with pizzas and frozen chicken and chilling my bottled beer for winter.