RESEARCH from Travelodge says 34% of British adults sleep naked. Apparently it helps them feel liberated and helps them get a good night's sleep.

Yorkshire is top county for the trend. Nearly half of adults in Leeds slip between the sheets nude; 40% go naked in York; and 33% in Sheffield, famous for The Full Monty.

A Travelodge spokesperson said: “Sleepwalking customers is a common occurrence in hotels and, over the last 12 months 98%, of sleewalking customers have been naked men.”

So that old “sleepwalking” excuse still works, then?

One reason why folk tend to shed their clothes when they get into bed, is because more and more Britons are wearing pyjamas for lounging rather than sleeping. Four in 10 adults get changed into their pyjamas as soon as they get home from work. They say it helps them relax and signifies the end of a working day.

So no wonder rugged Yorkshire lads shrug them off before going to bed. Which gives new life to that age old question asked by a soft southern lady: “Tell me young man, what is worn under the quilt?”

“Nowt, lass. It's all in perfect working order.”

Ah yes, the old Bamforth postcards gags are still the best.