WIMBLEDON may be over for another year but the all-white uniform has won game, set and match as the ultimate look to be seen in this summer.

The colour Brits instinctively pull out of the closet once the weather heats up has so much more than just sunshine appeal.

No longer relegated as an accent, this season white can be worn as a bold head-to-toe statement – and you can achieve the look by layering varying fabrics and textures together in the same hue.

Or take your lead from the runways. This spring and summer 11 catwalks were transformed into a virtual whitewash with Fendi showcasing clean minimalist lines, Max Mara flaunting clinging body con and Dolce & Gabbana championing floaty lace frocks.

White can offer dazzling versatility to your wardrobe – if you stick within your comfort zone. From minimalist to girly-girl, whatever your style, let the white spirit intoxicate you this summer.


Take inspiration from doctor’s coats. Crisp clinical elegance is in vogue, leaving fussy detailing redundant. A clean silhouette is the modern way to wear white this season.

Fiona Wellins from Colour Me Beautiful said: “Think about the fabric. Different materials create different effects.

“If you want to create a bolder look, go for stiffer fabrics, such as crisp cotton and tailored pieces.’’

Cotton shirts should be the go-to item in your wardrobe you can style up or down. Wear it androgynous and loose, prim-and-proper tucked in, or relaxed, knotted at the waist.


Channel this season’s purest take on the colour with flirty broderie anglaise and peekaboo lace.

Fiona added: “If you want to achieve a soft, romantic look, choose pieces in Indian cotton, linen, chiffon, lace or soft knits.’’

The colour may have connotations of innocence but your silhouette can still have sex appeal with floaty flowing fabrics. Use a waist-cinching belt in a neutral or neon shade to highlight your curves.

A lace white dress can look both ethereal and innocent or sexy and suggestive, depending on how you wear it.

For some, white is classified as a holiday staple that just won’t wash in the office.

Instead, embrace white in your casual wardrobe with drapey pieces and loose tailoring that scream vacation, wherever you are in the world.

Fiona added: “Your white garment will attract the eye, so think about how and where you wear it.

“If your hips are your problem area, then wear white jeans with a tunic that covers that part of your body.

“If you want to steer attention away from a bigger bust, avoid clingy, translucent or crisp white tops and go for deconstructed draping fabrics.’’

Wear slouchy palazzo trousers with flat sandals for beachy daytime chic or transform to evening glamour with wedges for a hippy Seventies vibe – and mile-long legs.


Being such a bold solo act, top-to-toe white doesn’t need much in the way of accompaniment. A tan belt or pair of nude shoes are all the accessories you need.

White has varying shades. To see if the shade suits you, hold it up to your face. Buy if it makes you look healthy and ditch if it washes you out.

If you have warmer undertones in your skin, stick to softer whites such as ivory or cream which generally suit most people. Icy whites work against skins with cooler undertones.

If white feels too garish, build up your confidence with one key accessory, like a white bag or scarf.

Ensure your pieces look fresh, white and not even remotely yellow or grey. Washed-out whites will instantly let down your look.

Beware of dry cleaning bills. Whites may need more attention in the wash, so ensure you read the care labels and avoid hand wash or dry clean unless you’re committed to the aftercare.

Beware of tell-tale fake tan and foundation stains. Tide marks against stark white is never going to be on-trend.