WE had a small wedding reception at the restaurant for about 40 guests the other Saturday.

They wanted something that was meaty, tasty but still quite light as a starter so I suggested the Ham Hock Terrine with toasted brioche and piccalilli.

Well as you can imagine they leapt at the idea and everyone loved it on the day.

I think it’s a great dish that’s suitable for spring, summer and winter. Its colourful on the plate and tastes divine and the main thing is its fairly straight forward to make and pretty cheap too.

Makes four terrines@ –

4 Silver darriole moulds lined with Clingfilm


2 ham hocks, chopped parsley, 2 large tablespoons grain mustard, Brioche, Piccalilli


Boil ham hocks until meat falls off the bone. Take out of the water and pick meat off the bone.

Mix with the mustard and parsley and a touch of the liquid from the hocks. Mix together and put into the moulds. Press down and place in the fridge until set.

Serve with the toasted brioche and piccalilli and a little dressed leaves.