` Clematis – over 100 beautiful varieties – Apart from roses, I suspect that clematis must be a strong contended for the most popular garden plant in Britain.

Well, to get the best out of one of our favourite plants, a good reference book might be the answer. This new book, written by Andromeda Matz and Krister Cedergren not only details over 100 selected varieties but provides the reader with ideas of where to use them in the garden and how to care for them. Published by New Holland Publishers and priced at £14.99 it is a new book that will fill you full of new ideas. ISBN 978-1-84773-691-8.

` Plant doctor – It’s that time of year again when I will be taking my stethoscope, surgical gloves and scalpel to Armitage’s Garden Centres to dish out gardening advice to anyone who asks, free of charge. My first two sessions will be today, April 17 at Pennine Garden Centre and tomorrow, April 18 at Birchencliffe, both between the hours of 11am and 4pm. Come along and say hello and, if you bring any samples of problems from your garden, please ensure that they are in a sealed plastic bag to avoid cross-contamination with any garden centre plants. Visit www.armitages.com to see all the other events taking place at our local garden centre during the next few months.