1Vegetables – harvest potatoes, particularly if there is any sign of blight on the leaves, but do not compost the foliage if this disease is spotted. Harvest beans and peas regularly and thin out carrots to allow larger ones to develop later. Break outer leaves over maturing cauliflowers to prevent the curds from scorching. Hand weed to avoid any root disturbance or root damage to crops at this time of year.

2Fruit – finish pruning out fruited canes of summer raspberries and tie in all strong new canes, cutting out weak and badly placed ones to remove unnecessary competition. Space canes on their supports at least 15cm (6ins) apart to give them light and air to ripen. Prune out one or two older stems from blackcurrants and gooseberries and shorten the tips of new growth on red and whitecurrants by three or four buds.