THERE’S nothing like a little retail therapy to lift the spirits.

Legal assistant Rozina Rehman happily admits to being something of a shopaholic.

Colleagues at Cleckheaton-based employment law specialist Howarths are well aware of Rozina’s passion for shopping – and that the weekend wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the mall.

“As every girl on earth will know, nothing gives you more of a thrill then when you have just bought a new bag, dress, shoes or accessories,” she says.

“I have an obsession with retail shopping – and that’s thanks to my mum who is equally as obsessed and made me fall in love with it.

“I love the Trafford Centre and the White Rose Centre is almost my second home!

“It’s very therapeutic and better than relaxing at home – although it can be very expensive.

“With Christmas coming I will be buying tons of gifts for family and friends – as well as a few things for myself!.”

Rozina’s most recent holiday was to Paris. “I did lots of shopping,” she says. “I like seeing places rather than lazing on the beach. I don’t mind half a day, but any more and I need to be doing something.”

Rozina is also a big film fan and enjoys various genres of movies.

“From an early age, as far as I can remember, my father got me into watching different genres of movies from spaghetti westerns to sci-fi movies,” she says.

“My favourite classic movie is Barefoot in the Park with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, but I love lots of films.

“If I hadn’t been able to find my feet with Howarths, I would have pursued a career in the media industry, preferably as a movie critic.

“But I’m happy now just watching movies and enjoying my time at Howarths.”

Rozina started work at Howarths in 2007 as an administration assistant – her first job after leaving college with four A levels.

Says Rozina: “After finishing my A levels, I wasn’t sure what career I wanted to pursue and this didn’t help me in choosing a degree at a university.

“Having looked at various degrees being offered at universities, nothing jumped out to me.

“I therefore didn’t want to obtain just any degree and didn’t want to be doing a degree for three years on something my heart wasn’t into.

“Then the job at Howarths came along. I was delighted to accept the administration assistant role that was offered to me.

“This was my first ever job and I like the fact that my skills and knowledge have grown with the company.”

She says: “Law was one of my A levels at Dewsbury College and I enjoyed my studies, but I didn’t know what kind of work I wanted to go into.”

Rozina, who grew up in Cleckheaton and still lives in the town, has now worked for Howarths for more than five years and has progressed from being a member of the admin staff to a legal assistant role. She is now training to be an adviser.

“As an admin assistant, I wanted to put every effort into my work no matter how big or small a job was and produce results that the company was proud of,” she says.

“At Howarths, from the very beginning, I felt like part of the team and very much as a family and it meant a lot for us to make what we had a success.

“I worked in all parts of the business, but I got really interested in the law side of things.

“I managed to get hands-on experience in various sections of the company including marketing and organising seminars and training courses before going into the legal side.

“It made sense to step into a legal role as I had attained an A Level in law, which I quite enjoyed.”

Rozina is currently undertaking an Employment Law Diploma course at Bolton Royd College in Bradford and is training to be an adviser.

She is also assisting with tribunal work, under the supervision of Charlotte Lloyd, non-practising solicitor.

“This is the most wonderful opportunity that Howarths has given me,” says Rozina.

“Enabling me to find my feet within the company has helped me find something that I really enjoy doing.

“Every day is different; I get to speak to different clients who have various queries.

“Knowing that I have helped and guided managers with their employee issues, gives me great satisfaction at the end.

“I am getting to the stage where I an able to provide advice to clients and hopefully, my career will take off further.

“I also produce company handbooks and contracts of employment.

“This is something all businesses should have as tribunals award costs against companies that have not issued employees with contracts.

“It encourages handbooks and polices to be put in place to help managers follow the correct procedures that they would face day-to-day.”

When she isn’t browsing the shops, Rozina can be found in the kitchen.

“I started attending cookery lessons every Tuesday,” she says. I decided to get into it and learn to cook decent food properly.

“I enjoy all the cookery shows, particularly The Great British Bake Off, although cakes aren’t my speciality yet!”