WASHROOM supply firm Disposables UK has underlined its commitment to manufacturing in Huddersfield.

The company, which supplied items such as hand towels, toilet tissues and soaps to the London Olympics and Paralympic Games this summer, is moving its operations to a bigger site – just across the road from its existing Meltham base.

Managing director David Burkill said: "Our commitment to Huddersfield and our amazing workforce has been shown many times throughout the years by our determination to stay local to our staff and the area.

"This has seen us grow into five separate sites with all the logistical complications and associated costs which make it hard to remain competitive.

"The lack of available large sites in the area is a real issue, but in 2013 our entire operation will move ‘across the road’ to the Fred Lawton carpets site, where all our operations will be in line – from raw materials through production to distribution."

Said Mr Burkill: "Opportunities had arisen in the past to relocate the company out of the Huddersfield area, but the loyalty of the team – 90% of whom are from Huddersfield and the surrounding area – and the dedication to the local area meant this was never an option.

"The whole team are delighted at the forthcoming move and we believe that bringing everyone under one roof will increase staff morale and the general feeling of belonging to what is essentially a large team of people.

"The integration of all departments in one site will have a positive effect on communications and result in efficient and slicker operations across the organisation."

Disposables UK was formed in 1987 by Trevor Storer, who was chairman of the group until his death in 2010.

His wife, Diane, is now company chairman backed by a board of directors.

Originally based in Milnsbridge and working from an office and 3,000sq ft of shared warehousing, the company expanded into an 11,000sq ft unit in 1989 before finding its current home at Meltham in 1993.

Said Mr Burkill: "Every year, our profits have been re-invested in the business. We’ve run a number of Manufacturing Advisory Service projects to educate and improve our staff and procedures.

"Earlier in the year, we scooped an MAS Works award which formally recognises our achievements as a manufacturing company."

More recently, the firm placed an order of a £1.7m automatic production line which will enable it to manufacture market leading, luxury products and steal a march on many of its rivals.

This autumn sees the launch of a new range of non-woven wipes.