WHO says accountancy has to be boring?

Balance Accountants is changing perceptions about the industry after projecting itself as a dynamic, progressive firm, says director Ashley Barrowclough.

He said: “We are a small Huddersfield firm of accountants punching well above our weight and we have created quite a stir in the accountancy profession on a national level.”

The company, which employs 18 people and has offices at Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth, has been shortlisted for a number of national accountancy awards this year – and had a whole chapter devoted to the business in the recently-published book, The UK’s Best Accountancy Practices.

Balance was also invited to present on-stage at the National Accountants Conference in Birmingham and at a recent quarterly meeting of the National Accountants Club in Manchester. It also took to the stage at the AVN Accountants Masterclass in Nottingham.

The firm is regularly contacted by accountancy firms around the country for advice on running their business.

Said Ashley: “Balance has managed to put itself apart from the majority of other accountancy practices in the country by creating an exciting, vibrant brand more akin to modern corporate business than traditional accountants.

“The brand has been pushed forwards and supported by a distinctive business strategy focusing on four elements – customer care, teamwork, added value services and systemisation of the business.

“The whole team has been involved in developing the business strategy and continues to be involved in its implementation and further development.

“A strategic decision was taken to concentrate on working with businesses who are looking to grow.

“As well as having a similar culture to us, these growing businesses have a need for our added value services which has enabled us to increase our average size, which in turn has enabled us to significantly increase our profits while keeping turnover constant.”

Said Mr Barrowclough, “By following a courageous and well-defined business strategy, Balance Accountants has created an accountancy practice that is modern, vibrant and exciting; that is held in high regard in its marketplace and which is poised to be even more successful in the near future.”