A FAN-making firm in Huddersfield is leaving the competition cold with its latest product.

Woodcock and Wilson, of Crosland Hill, has designed an industrial fan specifically for use in extreme low temperatures.

The company spent more than four months developing the fan, which can continue to operate efficiently in temperatures as low as -50°C.

Four of the fans have been shipped to customers in the oil industry for use in Canada and Siberia.

Woodcock and Wilson engineers used special low-temperature steels, bearings and casings to make the fans.

Managing director Mark Jones said: “It has been a challenging few months for our design engineers to develop and make the fan, which continues to work efficiently and effectively at such low temperatures.

“The project has further enhanced our reputation for making innovative fans and be at the forefront of customers’ requirements.”

Woodcock and Wilson has been in business for 35 years.

It makes a range of fans for use in heating and ventilation, air pollution control and the petrochemical and processing engineering industries.