FIRMS across Huddersfield can now check how “green” they are at the click of a computer mouse.

Business advice body Envirowise has devised an internet-based Envirowise Indicator to help companies of all sizes get an indication of the impact they are having on the environment – and the savings they can make by reducing it.

By entering basic information on how much energy and raw materials they use, companies get a visual illustration of the equivalent carbon dioxide emissions generated by these activities.

They can see which aspects of the business is having the biggest effect – and plan to tackle it.

A separate screen gives an at-a-glance view of which resources represent the largest cost to the business.

Firms can make easy amendments to the data they have entered online to see the resulting financial and environmental impacts.

Elin Crebbin, Envirowise regional manager for Yorkshire, said: “Companies may not be aware of the extent to which resources – such as gas used in heating or packaging cardboard – have a clear environmental impact.

“By using the Indicator, local businesses are able to better understand their own environmental impact and the potential savings they can make”

Companies can use the Indicator free at

Guidance on all aspects of resource efficiency is available on the advice line on 0800 585 794.