A COMPANY helping firms transform their performance has secured a six-month project Down Under.

Insight with Passion, based at Greetland, will put their skills into practice in Australia.

Partners Kate Hardcastle and Richard Gomersall travelled to Australia to provide a “Retail Theatre” transformation for a retailer with 50 stores across the country.

Now the client has engaged them for a further six months to guide the business to success.

The appointment comes as reports underline a “significant” threat to high street traders in Australia from online retailing.

Deborah Sharkey, managing director for eBay in Australia, has claimed that online retail will increase by 30% a year as a result of treating customers as “kings”.

Kate, who is senior partner at Insight with Passion, said “bricks and mortar” retail was not necessarily doomed.

She said: “Shopping is all about the experience provided – and as human beings we lean towards social interaction, we like being able to talk to somebody about our purchase.

“Online retailing may be convenient for some, but shopping is much more than just about purchasing an item – it’s about being delighted by top-notch, real-life customer service.”

Insight with Passion have been promoting the need for superior customer service since its launch in 2009 through its Retail Theatre concept.

Retail Theatre encourages retailers to understand the sounds, smells and feelings that delight their customers and offers clear advice on how to improve on these points and increase footfall and profitability.

Kate and Richard have travelled across the world to present their seminar on the subject at prestigious events including the UK’s Interiors 2011, The Spring Fair and KBB London.

Later this year, they will arrive in Dubai to present at INDEX where a full day has been dedicated to the knowledge and advice of Insight with Passion.

In an exciting move, Kate and Richard will also be the first-ever presenters at Wedding Arabia in Jeddah, meaning they will be the first Westerners to present at the show.

Said Richard: “I could never have imagined being in such an exciting position with Insight with Passion just two years down the line.

“To have expanded internationally, both with clients and presenting seminars is amazing. I can only continue to look forward to what the future holds for us.”