IT’S thirsty work for a digital agency in Huddersfield.

The agency, called Make, has been appointed by JUST MILK to upgrade its website and related e-communications for mobile.

The move follows the success of the Long Life Milk Company is securing distribution in several major retailers, including Sainsbury’s.

Now the company is seeking to capitalise on a strong commercial performance during 2011 by increasing web traffic– through improving the experience for visitors to the main website and e-newsletters from mobile devices.

Warren Slingsby, creative director of Make, said: ‘Our clients now seek a coherent and effective mobile strategy. By optimising a website for mobile, we can deliver an app-like experience across a range of handsets and operating systems.

“We believe that this is a much more cost-effective strategy than building a range of apps for many clients.”

Marie Garidou, marketing director of JUST MILK, said: “Our digital touch points are increasingly important to our customers who are accessing our website through their mobile devices in growing numbers.

“We have also found that our email communications are regularly being accessed via mobile and we felt that it was vital that the user experience was improved.”

The new site, which will incorporate location aware technology to enable users to find their nearest JUST MILK stockist, will go live in September 2011.

Make, which specialises in mobile, was founded by Warren Slingsby and is based at the Media Centre, Northumberland Street. Its clients include Aesica, Aksonas Holt, JUST MILK and The Hospital Club.