BANKING chief Sir Philip Hampton has been a victim of credit card fraud, he revealed.

The RBS chairman said his card details have been stolen two or three times by people in remote parts of the world he has never visited.

He said credit card fraud is an increasing problem for banks as technology gets more sophisticated.

"I’ve had my credit card stopped two or three times in the last couple of years because someone has been using it in remote parts of the world that I’ve never been to and the information has been stolen," he said.

"This is a growing problem for all banks worldwide.

"The technology has got more sophisticated and so have the criminals, sometimes individuals, sometimes gangs, who use it.

"We make huge efforts to try and minimise that."

He made the disclosure at the firm’s AGM in Edinburgh yesterday.

He is not the first bank boss to fall victim to fraudsters.

Former HBOS chief executive Andy Hornby reportedly had his account frozen after a thief stole his details and withdrew thousands of pounds.

Barclays chairman Marcus Agius reportedly had £10,000 stolen from his bank account by a credit card conman who obtained a card in his name.

Mr Hampton was appointed chairman of RBS in February 2009.

The bank would not comment on whether the cards which were stopped were RBS ones or how much money was involved, saying that was "personal information".