THIRTY-NINE surveyors in Yorkshire and Humber are celebrating this month – having achieved the highly regarded “chartered” status with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

All have successfully completed the RICS’ Assessment of Professional Competence, a tough two to three-year period of structured training, which includes practical experience and exams that lead to full membership.

David Varley, RICS regional training adviser for Yorkshire, said: “The APC training and exams are extremely tough and really do challenge young property professionals to ensure they have what it takes to carry the prestigious letters MRICS after their name.

“This ultimately means they have achieved the world’s leading qualification when it comes to land, property and construction.”

Having gained chartered status, the new professionals, who will have already completed a property-related degree or equivalent, can take the next steps in their career.

The term chartered surveyor covers a wide range of job types, including residential valuers, commercial property agents, building surveyors and quantity surveyors.

The RICS recognises 17 different professional groups and more than 200 different types of surveyor. Work can be as varied as running a rural estate or valuing a home, to project managing on a complex development like the Olympic Stadium.

More than 965 hopefuls were entered for the most recent RICS APC in the UK, with 645 being successful. That’s a 66% average pass rate around the country. The rate in Yorkshire and Humberside was 60%.