A VANDAL has daubed 4ft high skull and crossbones signs in purple paint on the window at Huddersfield’s Army Careers Office.

The premises at Kirkgate in the town centre were defaced with three sets of skull and crossbones symbols.

The incident – at 11.07pm on Wednesday – was captured on a security camera . The footage appears to show the deed being carried out by an Asian youth wearing a hooded top.

Police are appealing for any witnesses to come forward.

Army recruiting officer Sgt Steve McNeil said: “The paint isn’t water-based, so we will probably have to scrape it off.

“We have had to leave it there until the police have been. They are also looking at images from other CCTV cameras in the town.”

He added: “It has certainly attracted attention. We have had a few people looking through the window, although sadly most of them are too old to join up!”

The vandalism was condemned as “outrageous” by David Ridgway, owner of the nearby Keys Restaurant under the parish church. He thought it may have been done in protest at the Army’s presence in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But he said: “The Army doesn’t make the decision about where they go.

“We should all get behind our guys and isolate those people who are daft enough and bigoted enough to carry out this kind of thing.”

It is not the first time the Army Careers Office in Huddersfield been a target.

The worst attack was in February, 1972, when a crude bomb exploded outside the premises, causing extensive damage.

But no-one was hurt.