Kirklees Council could cut access to free services to some of its most vulnerable residents.

Two consultations on possible changes to the way support is offered have been launched.

The first affects three groups – parents/carers of children with additional needs, early years services for children with SEN or disabilities and transport funded by social care.

Examples of services affected include; council funded short breaks for carers/parents of children with additional needs, the amount of free childcare funded by the council, and trips for looked after people such as an adult with a disability who goes to a day centre, or a disabled child on a short break.

Anyone wishing to take part in this consultation is encouraged to visit .

A separate consultation on home to school transport will review whether the council should stop giving access to some children who are not strictly eligible, bringing it in line with many other local authorities.

Anyone wishing to share their views on the above proposals can find out more by visiting: