A dealership has said it supports the view that there was ‘no mechanical fault’ on a Mercedes that burst into flames.

Mercedes-Benz of Huddersfield sold Nick Lofthouse a £15,000 used car in February and in June, it ‘melted’ before his eyes.

The 43-year-old, who lives in Greenhead, was driving on the M62 when he pressed on the accelerator and the three-door car started making a ‘ticking’ noise so he pulled into the nearest service station.

An independent forensic engineer carried out a review of the 2012 Mercedes C220 AMG Sport, which came with a year of approved used warranty.

Nick Lofthouse, an accountant, only had the car for four months and lost thousands of pounds.

The report concluded that there was an ‘absence of any mechanical failure’ and ‘road debris’ must have struck the underside of the car causing the sump pan to fall off, resulting in oil leaking down to the exhaust pipe and igniting.

In a statement to the Examiner Chris Loft, dealer principal at Mercedes-Benz of Huddersfield, said: “As the independent engineer’s report confirmed, no mechanical fault has been found on the car, and they concluded that the fire is likely to have been caused by road debris damaging the underside of the vehicle.

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“We understand that this is a frustrating situation for Mr Lofthouse, and on hearing of the fire we recovered the vehicle, provided a courtesy car and arranged for the independent forensic report, all at no cost to Mr Lofthouse.

“A copy of the report was provided to both Mr Lofthouse and his insurance provider to help him reclaim the cost of the vehicle.”