Treatment for eating disorders has quadrupled in six years in Calderdale – and children under 10 have also been treated in West Yorkshire.

People living in the Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group area were treated for eating disorders 48 times in 2015/16.

This was up from 12 treatment episodes in 2010/11, with 2015/16 seeing the highest number of treatment episodes in at least six years.

In North Kirklees CCG area, there were 29 episodes of treatment in 2015/16, double the 13 recorded in 2010/11, although this was down from 60 in 2014/15.

In the West Yorkshire NHS area, the number of treatment episodes has risen over the six year period, from 382 in 2010/11 to 475 in 2015/16.

The overall rising numbers may be due in part to a rise in the number of times women aged 41 to 60 were treated for anorexia, which rose from 20 to 36 over the period.

The number of times women aged 41 to 60 have been treated for other eating disorders is also rising, up from 27 to 37 for women.

Other eating disorders covers over-eating or vomiting associated with other psychological problems, as well as non-specified eating disorders.

In 2015/16, children aged under 10 were treated for eating disorders twice in the West Yorkshire NHS area.