Girls born in Kirklees will live nearly three-and-a-half years longer than boys, according to new life expectancy figures.

The data released by the National Office of Statistics shows how where you live can have an impact on your lifestyle and ultimately how long you’ll live.

Figures for our region show baby girls born in Kirklees in 2014-2016 have a life expectancy of 82.3 and boys 78.8.

Over in Calderdale the result was the same for girls, 82.3 years and 78.7 for men.

Further analysis of the figures shows life expectancy for babies born in 2014-2016 in Kirklees is six years and two months longer than in 2001-2003.

Healthy life expectancy (HLE) is estimated by surveying people and asking them to evaluate their general health.

Participants rated their health and those who ticked “very good” or “good” were considered to be still living a healthy life.

Poll results were combined with mortality data for regions to work out average years spent in poor health for each.

Janet Morrison, chief executive of Independent Age, said: “There remain deep-rooted health inequalities across the UK.

“It is imperative that the reasons for these persistent health inequalities are understood and addressed, to ensure that older age is not just about living longer but having a good quality of life in older age, no matter where in the UK you live.”