Many families will this weekend be taking part in one of the most festive of seasonal traditions – bringing a Christmas tree home.

But some may end up being pulled over by the police.

For according to new research from car rental company Enterprise, only 7% of British adults say they know the rules regarding transporting Christmas trees on the road. Just 16% say they only have a ‘vague idea’ while three quarters (77%) admit they don’t have a clue.

In total, 10% admit they have previously transported a tree in a manner which ‘may have contravened the rules of the road’, for example, letting it hang out of the boot, loosely tied to the top of the car without a roof rack, or actually obscuring the driver’s vision.

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And those expecting the police to turn a festive blind eye may be out of luck. Of those who admit they have transported a tree in a way which may not have been within the rules of the highway code, over a quarter (26%) say they have previously been stopped by the police.

Brendan Grieve, Enterprise Assistant Vice President of Rental, said: “The highway code does not specifically mention transporting Christmas trees. However, the rules are pretty clear when it comes to properly securing items being transported in a vehicle – and they all apply to Christmas trees.

“To avoid a fine, our advice would be to ensure you can safely transport a tree before you commit to the purchase.”