Town fans have called for a woman to be banned from the John Smith’s Stadium for trying to sell a ticket to the highest bidder.

Supporters turned on the seller after she touted a ticket for the Chelsea game on ‘for sale’ groups on Facebook.

The post said: “Huddersfield against Chelsea. £150. Ward stand lower. Highest bid wins.”

Several fans reported the matter to senior officials at the club including director Sean Jarvis.

The club is now investigating the Facebook post and warned that anyone trying to profit in such a way would face having their Season Card/ticket revoked.

One fan said: “Don’t fans realise that the club are watching sales of tickets online, especially tickets sold to non-Town fans. If found (out) season tickets are seized and cancelled and the person responsible blacklisted.”

Another said: “I don’t know if she is a Town fan or not but she shouldn’t be doing that - it’s disgusting on the rest of Town fans. She needs to be banned.”

Huddersfield Town vs Brighton & Hove Albion, 09.12.17: Town fans at the game.
Huddersfield Town vs Brighton & Hove Albion, 09.12.17: Town fans at the game.

One fan added: “One of the best things about Town’s ticket policy is the low prices and caring that every seat is sold so we can sing the house down. Hope someone finds (this seller) and takes her season card away.”

A spokesman for Huddersfield Town said: “Our ticket office is aware of the Facebook post in question and is investigating.

“Our advice from earlier this season still stands; Town fans should only use Terriers Exchange to ‘sell’ tickets to other supporters.

“Anyone proven to be selling tickets above face value will have their Season Card/ticket revoked - we will not accept fans profiteering from other supporters.

“The number of season cards rescinded on this remains at two.”