A school head has reminded pupils that it is illegal to carry a knife and bringing one into school will get them permanently excluded.

Jimmy Christian, principal at Colne Valley High School, issued the warning in a letter to parents following several violent incidents in recent weeks.

He told parents that “random and regular” checks will be made on students identified as posing a potential risk to others.

The most recent incident took place on Monday, September 18, when a 15-year-old boy, who was later charged with assault, allegedly attacked a pupil on school premises.

Jimmy Christian new Headteacher of Colne Valley High School.

Earlier this month a teenager was stabbed and another threatened with a knife near the school.

Mr Christian said the “absolute priority” was pupil safety.

He said: “Given recent events in the community we are working closely with the police and local agencies to ensure that school continues to be a safe learning environment.

“Please be reminded that there are two sides to every story and what is reported in the press or on social media is often only partially true and lacking context.

“I wish to reassure you that when there is an issue I will immediately alert you.

“On Monday a boy from another school entered the school grounds followed by two PCSOs and our Behaviour for Learning Manager.

“He was promptly arrested and although a minor, I will be pressing charges for trespass. Let me emphasise that this boy did not enter the main school building at any point, he is known to us and was definitely not wearing a ‘balaclava’!

“As you will understand, I am bound by confidentiality and cannot report in detail on these things.”

Mr Christian said increased vigilance, education and deterrents would ensure children remained safe.

He said “intensive and personalised support and education” had already started with “particular individuals who may be at risk of exploitation by young adults outside of the school.”

And he revealed that the police had advised the school to remind all students of the following:

* It is illegal for anyone, including those under 18, to carry a knife.

The letter said: “Should anyone be found to have possession of a knife or potential weapon within the school then the police will be informed immediately, this will be treated as a criminal matter and the student will be permanently excluded.”

* If a student is found to be aware that another student is carrying any form of weapon and does not report the situation to an adult within school they may face permanent exclusion.

Mr Christian added: “Random and regular checks will be made on any student identified by parents, the school, external agencies or the police as potential risks to the members of our school and community.”

He also urged parents not to damage the school’s reputation by making comments on social media.

“All parents and carers are expected to share information regarding potential risks to the school or the community with the police or with the school.

“Please do not enter into social media dialogue that impacts negatively on the school and the community. Contact me directly if you have concerns.”