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AS-level results: Huddersfield New College

Students celebrate success

Huddersfield New College, Salendine Nook, Huddersfield(Image: Huddersfield Examiner)

Huddersfield students are now busy planning the next stages in their careers ranging from university to jobs after this week’s A-level results.

Students who have completed the first year of the A-levels have another year to go but have taken AS-levels this time.

Here are the results from Huddersfield New College.

A-Level results key below

R Aaron EC,GOV; K Abbas B,MA;H Abdel-Jaber MS; A Ahmad B,C,MA; F Ahmed ME;A Aked FS; M Akram B*,C; M Alecaut ME; K Ali MM; S Ali MM; B Allingham MM; S Al-Shuraim B*,C,EC; C Alsop S; K Ambler S*; S Andrade B,LW; M Andrews F; M Anjum MM; L Archer BUS,MA; S Asif GOV; M Austwick MA; D Ayling ME; A Ayub ME; Y Badat B,C,MM; M Bailey MS; S Barakin B,C; B Barker LW; K Barnes LW; F Barron BUS; T Barron S; A Batt MM; S Baxter MA; H Beever BUS,ME; E Bellwood B,C; E Bentley LW; E Bieluczyk ME; E Binns BUS; L Bisland CL; E Blackwell ME; M Bleasdale BUS; H Boden B; H Boothby MA;

H Boothroyd MA; E Bowden FS*; J Boyes BUS,EC; L Bradley MA; V Bradley BUS; P Brahmbhatt MA; S Brearley B; M Brezina C,MA,P; M Brierley MA; J Briones MA; H Broadbent CL; P Broadbent LW; C Broadhead MS; H Brook BUS,EC; A Brooker LW; F Brooks LW; J Brougham MM; C Brown FS,GOV; C Brown ME; S Buckley CL; D Burton LW,MA; K Burton BUS*,EC; K Burton MA; R Burton MA*,MF*,P; M Butler BUS,LW; C Byrne ME; M Cane BUS,MA,P; T Capell MS; S Carcas MA; I Carson RS; J Carter ME; L Chamberlain FS,ME; H Chappell EC,MS; O Charlesworth EC; S Chaudhry EC,MS; A Child-Morris MA; S Chima ME; C Chisholm CL;

L Clarke LW; R Clarke CL,MM; E Clarkson ME*; D Clayton ME*; O Close MA*,P; B Coffey CL; A Copley BUS*,EC; J Cordingley MS; T Costello BUS; O Coukham LW; C Cowen MM; W Crann B,C; R Crossley BUS,MM; A Crowe MA; C Cuniffe LW; J Curran FS; A Dalal BUS,MA; D Daley BUS,EC; G Daniel CL,LW; H Daoud B,C,MA; S Dixon ME; E Dodds ME; B Dolman MA,MM,P; A Donaldson B,C; M Dougherty T; T Douglas BUS,EC; B Downs MM; D Dutton-Brearley FS,ME; J Earnshaw SS; J Earnshaw ME*; L Elley MM; H Ellis MA,P; J Evans EC; G Eyles ME*; K Fallon S; G Farmer CL,GOV; J Farrar LW; E Fewtrell T; E Firth T; L Fisher B; T Flerin GOV;

W Fletcher EC; M Fortune-Alexis B; C Fox C,MA,P; R France BUS; H Fraser FS,ME*; T Gabriel- Fleary EC*,ME*; H Gage MS; M Gardner RS; C Gates RS*; J Gilbert CL,FS; C Gledhill MA; B Goodhall LW; O Grayson FS*; N Green BUS; E Greenwood MM; O Gromitt ME; H Hall MS*; M Hamer MS; L Hamilton T; B Hanson BUS,P; O Hanson B,C; H Hardcastle MM; M Hare BUS,GOV; K Hargreaves CL,ME; M Harling CL; M Harris LW; A Harrower BUS; E Hartley LW; E Hartley ME; D Haughton-Smith LW*; K Haworth SS; T Helliwell FS,MM; M Hemingway C,CL*; N Henry MA; L Hepworth B; K Hinchliffe MA; L Hirst MM; L Hitchings MA; J Hodkinson ME; A Holden GOV; C Holdsworth FS*; C Holt BUS; S Hore EC; M Horler B; C Horn MA,P; R Howard F*; S Howes G;

L Huang BUS; C Hughes BUS; E Hughes ME; C Humphreys S; N Hussain ME*; C Hutchinson ME; A Ingle BUS,EC; A Iqbal B,C; S Iqbal BUS,EC; J Jenkinson MM; D Jessop BUS; S Johnson LW; L Jones G*; M Jones MA,P; Z Kabir MA*,MF; S Kaur ME; O Kearney ME; A Kelly MM; A Kennedy ME,MS; C Kerwin GOV; H Khalid B,C,MM; M Khan MS; A Kimber BUS*,MM,MS; O King ME; G Kinnaird LW,ME; E Kinsey MA; N Kulmann MM*; M Kumari FS; H Lachman LW; K Langfield MM; J Lee FS; D Lees CL; J Lees MA,P; Z Leonard LW*,MS; J Li BUS,EC*; A Lindley MA; A Lister ME; H Lockwood BUS; J Lodge BUS; A Long FS*,ME; C Lovitt MM; J Lucas BUS; I Lucker ME; D Lunn LW; B Macfarlane ME; K Mahmood ME; S Majeed MM; O Maksoud BUS,LW; E Mansoor MM; G Marongere MS*,T; S Marsden B,C; H Marshall MS; A Martin B,MA; H Martin FS; D Martina MS; K Maruta MA; I Masih FS; R Mason FS,ME;

F May MM; J McCauley BUS; J McCoy RS,S*; M McEwen MUS; M McGrath MM; T McHugh MA,MF; L McKenzie-Fawcett LW; C McNaughton-Brown FS; H Mellor MA,P; E Merritt MA; L Metcalf MA; J Michaels BUS,LW; N Midgley CL; S Mightly BUS; A Miles ME*; I Mir MA*,MF; M Mirfield MM; A Mirza MA; S Mirza MA; J Mitchell FS; M Mitchell ME; M Mlodawska MM; I Mohammed C,MA,P; U Mohammed GOV; N Mohan BUS; E Moore MM; F Moorhouse LW; J Moorhouse CL*; R Moreton-Wood EC,MM;

E Morris MA; A Morrison MA,MS; D Moska MS;I Moss LW; T Moxom MA,P; G Moyser LW; M Muberuka ME; S Mughal GOV; S Mulhall MM; N Murphy B*,MA*;E Murray MM; G Musgrave LW; L Mysak B,C; F Nadeem GOV; M Nadeem MS; U Nadeem MA; J Naeem MS; K Naveed GOV; B Neki MA*; R Nesterovskyi B,C,MA; B Newsome FS; F Neza BUS; Z Noor FS; F O’Brien LW,MS; T O’Brien MM; I O’Keefe LW; I Oldroyd C*,MA*,MF*; L Olutayo BUS,LW; T Owen GOV; H Pang LW; F Parratt FS,ME; A Patel BUS*,EC; A Patel MM; B Patel MM; S Patel MM; B Peace ME*; E Pearson MA;

S Pearson BUS; E Penrose-Bottom MS; C Pestell MM; A Philp CL; R Pickering B; L Pilling B; R Pilling LW; L Pinder LW; S Pitchforth LW; M Potter S*; I Pozzi-Carioti S; E Price CL*; F Priestley B*,C; R Priestley B*; L Pusey-Parker GOV*,LW*; Z Rahman MM; K Ramsden GOV; T Ramsden GOV,LW; M Rashid MA,MF; C Rathmell MA; A Rawlinson BUS; A Raza B,BUS; O Read G; J Reeves ME; H Rehman EC,GOV; J Reid BUS; E Reidy MA; H Richards SS; C Richardson B; M Richardson LW; J Robb B,C,CL; R Robb BUS; J Roberts MA; N Roberts CL; A Robinson CL; J Robinson FS; G Roche MA,P; C Rodgers MA; A Roebuck B; A Rogers ME;

C Rogers RS; C Rooke B,S*; J Rooke MM; T Roome MS; N Rose BUS; K Ross ME; I Rothwell GOV; J Rowan FS; T Ruck MM; P Rudge LW; B Rushton SS; E Ryder GOV; T Sacha BUS; T Said LW; M Sajjad BUS,LW; L Saleem MA; W Schofield EC; K Scholefield ME*; B Scholes T; T Scholey MA; K Schorah MM; C Scott ME; H Scrimshaw LW; T Scurrah LW*; J Shaban EC,GOV,MA; M Shahzad MA; L Sharp LW; N Sharpe BUS,EC,MM; L Shaw F; L Shaw B; J Shepherd MA; S Shingleton MA,MS*; L Shires B; L Short BUS; J Sidding LW; A Sierant FS,ME; M Singh MA,P; P Singh EC,MS; H Siswick EC; H Siwczak EC; N Skeldon CL; M Small GOV; C Smith MA*;

E Smith MA,P; G Smith ME*; J Smith MA,MF; J Smith BUS; C Smith-Calvert BUS,MS; L Smith-Edwards MA,MS; F Spencer LW; A Srouji BUS,EC,MA; K Stansfield-Tyler FS; F Staunton CL; G Stead ME; M Stead MS; B Steward MM; E Stokes ME; M Sunderland MM; C Sutcliffe BUS,EC,MA; J Sutcliffe GOV; K Sutton T; S Swire EC,MA,MF; E Tallon CL,RS; S Tarandij S; T Tariq MM; B Taylor BUS,EC,MA; J Taylor MS; O Taylor LW*; S Taylor-Woodhouse MM; J Thornton BUS,EC,MM; C Thorpe ME;

E Thorpe T; S Thorpe LW; H Tiffany MS; J Tinker ME; E Tovey MM; G Tyndall ME; M Uppal BUS,LW; A Wade ME; P Wailes BUS*;G Walls BUS*; H Walsh B; H Walton MM; D Watson T; M Watson MA; E Wayman CL,MUS; A West SS; J Wheadon FS; L Whitaker MA; E White MM; D Whiteley MA; C Whitelock B; F Whitworth BUS; M Whitworth MA,MS; S Williams LW; A Wilson BUS,EC; C Wilson MA*,MF; R Wilson ME*; D Witkos PO*; K Wong MA; A Wood LW; L Worrall BUS,MA*; H Wray LW; M Wright FS,ME; B Yarker MA*; I Yehyah MA; M Yousaf MM; Z Yusaf FS; A Yusuf MA; G Zahiu MA,MF,P,S*; M Zarchi B.

A-Level key

KEY: A Art, AA Art and Craft, AB Arabic, AC Accounting, AD Art and Design, AAD Applied Art Double Award, AL Ancient History and Literature, AM Applied Mechanics, APP IT Applied Information Technology, AQB AQA Baccalaureate, AR Archaeology, AS Applied Business, ASC Applied Science, B Biology, BH Human Biology, BS Social Biology, BE Social and Environmental Biology, BLD Building and Construction, BtHS BTEC Level 3 Diploma Health & Social Care, BtSP Level 3 BTEC Sport, BUS Business Studies, C Chemistry, CL Classical Studies, CM Communication Studies, CP Computing, CRM Creative Media, CS Computer Science, CT Critical Thinking, CW Creating Writing, D Dutch, DN Dance, DR Dress, DRA Drama, DS Domestic Science, DT Design and Technology, E English Literature, EG Engineering, EL English Language, E/EL English Language and Literature, EC Economics, ECB Economics and Business, EN Environmental Science, EP Extended Project, ES Engineering Science, ET Electronics, F French, FA Fine Art, FF Fashion and Fabric, FS Film Studies, FT Food Technology, G German, GA Graphic Art, GC Graphical Communications, GED Geometric and Engineering Drawing, GEO Geography, GK Greek, GL Geology, GR Graphics, GOV British Government and Politics, H History, HA Ancient History, HC Hospitality and Catering, HE Home Economics, HSLA Higher Sports Leader Award, HS Health and Social Care, I Italian, IT Information Technology, JP Japanese, L Latin, LR Leisure and Recreation, LW Law, M Mathematics (pure and theoretical mechanics), MG Manufacturing, MA Mathematics (pure and applied mathematics), ME Media Studies, MP Mathematics (pure), MS Mathematics (pure mathematics with statistics), MM Mathematics (other mathematics papers), MF Further Mathematics (all variations), MTEC Music Technology, MUS Music, P Physics, PA Performing Arts, PAN Panjabi, PD3 Design Technology Produce Design, PE Physical Education, PH Philosophy, PM Physics and Maths, PHO Photography, PO Polish, PS Political Studies, PU Public Services, PY Psychology, Q General Studies, QE General Studies with pass in Spoken English, R Russian, RM Resistant Materials, RS Religious Studies (scripture), S Spanish, SA Applied Science, SC Science, SE Spoken English, SOC Sociology, SPU Science for Public Understanding, SS Sports Studies, ST Statistics, TH Theatre Studies, TT Travel and Tourism, TX Textiles Technology, U Urdu, Z Zoology, FBUS French Business Studies.

* Denotes grade A pass.

** Denotes grade A Star pass.

! Denotes pass in additional special paper.

† Denotes grade one in additional special paper.

‡ Grade A pass with one in special paper.

+ Denotes AS-level.

O Letters in brackets indicate passes at GNVQ

STEP denotes Special University Entrance Paper.

bt = Btec

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