JUDI Gibbons is a true heroine for families who have children with severe special needs.

They have to provide 24-hour care which is exceptionally demanding, tiring and has a massive impact on family life.

But Judi gives them the opportunity of respite care, a chance for them to live some kind of ‘normal’ life, if only for a few days.

It means they can do the kind of activities that most people take for granted such as going swimming, for a bike ride or even out for a walk.

Without these breaks, the pressure on families with a disabled child can be immense and the consequences potentially catastrophic, leading to marriage breakdowns and families falling apart.

Respite time is so precious and gives families the chance to recoup and recharge often rundown batteries.

For some, simply an unbroken night’s sleep is what they need most of all.

That’s why Judi is so special and that’s why Kirklees needs so many more like her to step forward and help families, providing them with a lifeline they so desperately need and deserve.