IN reply to G Whittaker’s letter headed “So how are we supposed to know this road has a 30mph limit?” (April 4). The answer is simple – observation and street lighting.

I assume he was referring to the section of New Hey Road where it meets Oakes Road South. If so, what was the last speed limit sign passed?

As the address given was Marsh he would not have seen any speed limit signs on entering New Hey Road. It has a 30mph speed limit from the town centre to just above the Salendine Nook Post Office, where it changes to 40mph up to the motorway junction.

The 30mph speed limit applies to all traffic on all roads with street lighting, unless road signs show that a different speed limit applies. Where the speed limit changes from 30 to 40mph at Salendine Nook there is a road sign to denote the change, and also beyond that point there are smaller repeater signs attached to the lamp posts.

Speed limits apply to both sides of the road, so that traffic travelling down New Hey Road towards Marsh will have been in a 30mph limit since passing the road sign at Salendine Nook. So remember if there is street lighting, and no signage that says otherwise, you are in a 30mph speed limit area.

I would suggest that G Whittaker might well benefit from attending a “speed awareness” course, or at least read the Highway Code

M Norcliffe