DISABLED Andrew Mack has faced the aggravation of having his car vandalised twice in the space of 10 days.

The 45-year-old walks with a stick because of a spinal condition and will have to pay a big bill to replace the windows and tyres of his Nissan Micra.

He will be isolated for a time while the car is fixed in the garage. As he says, all for absolutely no reason – except, probably, for the “fun” of causing damage.

Contrast the cowardly behaviour of the vandals with two other stories in today’s Examiner, both featuring fulfilled young people doing something good with their life.

In one, student Sarah McHale earned her gold Duke of Edinburgh award by activities which included helping out with the Brownies.

In the other, sea cadets underwent the strenuous task of rowing the Calder and Hebble Navigation from Wakefield to Mirfield and back.

We all have choices to make in life, the destiny of each of us is of our own making – Sarah and the young people who are in the sea cadets have chosen the right path.

The yobs who trashed Andrew Mack’s car have manifestly picked the wrong path.

A very aggressive zero tolerance policy needs to be rolled out if the culprits are apprehended.

It can only be hoped that being named and shamed in court may make them think twice about what role they should be playing in the community in which they are so fortunate to live.