NO prospective parent should ever have to face the decision that Jayne and Andy Fenton had to make.

Jayne was 20 weeks pregnant and the couple had gone for a scan expecting only to be told if the baby was a boy or a girl.

But it was a life-changing moment as they were informed the baby had a congenital condition which could potentially leave her badly disabled ... if she survived at all.

Jayne was offered a termination but the couple decided to carry on and give their child a chance of life.

The final months of the pregnancy must have been a terrible strain and often medical stories don’t have happy endings.

But on this occasion the courage of that decision has paid off and although their daughter Niamh has had to overcome problems she is now essentially living a completely normal life and has just blown out the candles on her fifth birthday cake.

Miracles do happen, but this one only came true because of the immense strength and love of Niamh’s parents to face whatever life was going to throw at them once she was born.

She’s lucky to have them.